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Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking – What Are Your Options?

You’ve ordered a package from Shein to South Africa and Buffalo Logistics is in charge of shipping.

Now you’re wondering what is the best way to track your shipment.

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking

There are several ways you can track a Shein order shipped via Buffalo Logistics. Beyond your Shein account tracking page, Buffalo has also officially partnered with 17Track to provide up-to-date tracking for its customers. Other services such as Parcelsapp can also be used. 

Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking – Guide

For this guide, I will set out the best methods of tracking your Shein order shipped by Buffalo Logistics.

The first is simply via the Shein tracking page.

1. Tracking a Buffalo Logistics Shipment via Shein

Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking

This is the most obvious way to track your Shein order.

Your Shein account will have details of the shipment and will provide you with the means to track the item once it has been handed over to Buffalo Logistics.

The screenshots below show where and how you can reach the tracking area of your Shein account.

Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking

The first step is to log in to your Shein account and from the home screen, click the Shipped icon as shown above.

This will lead you to the details of your most recent order:

Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking

From here, you simply click the “Track” button to go through to the Shein tracking page of your order.

Buffalo Logistics Shein Tracking

The Shein tracking page will provide you with a simple flow diagram of your Buffalo Logistics shipment.

Below this, on the same page, you will be able to review each update as the package proceeds through the delivery network.

This is a great way to track your shipment, however, sometimes the Shein tracking page can lag behind the actual real-time progress of the package.

To ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information, I recommend that you use 17Track.

2. Tracking a Buffalo Logistics Shipment via 17Track


17Track is a universal tracking service that Buffalo Logistics has partnered with to provide its customers with real-time tracking.

In fact, on the Buffalo website, it is 17Track that they recommend you use when tracking shipments, Shein orders, or otherwise.

To track a shipment via 17Track is very easy.

17track homepage

You can enter your Shein/Buffalo Logistics tracking number directly into the relevant field of the 17Track home page.

This will take you to the details of the shipment, which will show you all of the tracking updates sent so far.

You will be able to track your item from the origin to the destination using this service.

3. Tracking a Buffalo Logistics Shipment via ParcelsApp


The third way I recommend you track your Buffalo Logistics Shein shipment is via Parcelsapp.

To be honest, this is no better or worse than 17Track in terms of the level of information you will receive.

Similar to 17Track, you can also enter the tracking number you have directly into the homepage.

You may choose to use this service out of habit or preference with the interface… either way, it is also a reliable way of keeping up with the progress of your order.

Final Words

package delivery

There you have it, three tried and tested ways of keeping track of your Shein order being shipped by Buffalo.

If I was to choose, I would suggest using 17Track over the other two.

However, each of these options will help you keep updated on the progress of your order.

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    • The latest update on your order happened yesterday (8 Nov): “Transit to thirdparty Express” . It is South Africa, has cleared customs and is now with the delivery carrier. You should have your item in the next few days.

    • Ah, I see you have provided your tracking number now. Thank you… Yes, it seems as if your item is still in transit to South Africa. Shipments from China can definitely take time. Unless a premium delivery option was purchased, I wouldn’t panic at this stage.


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