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All You Need to Know About Shein Deliveries This Black Friday!

Whoop! Whoop! Black Friday is Here!

My wife has been flicking through the Shein app since waking this morning, shoving items into her basket at ridiculously low prices.

This got me thinking… with so many of you making the most of the crazy reductions, just what can you expect from the Shein delivery process this Black Friday?

Let’s take a look…

Shein Delivery Time During Black Friday 2023

woman opening a Shein package

Okay, I shall jump straight to the most important question of all: How long does Shein take to deliver on Black Friday?

As always this varies on a number of factors.

If you’re ordering from the USA and you’re lucky enough for the items you purchase to actually be inside one of Shein’s US-based fulfillment centers, you can expect your order to arrive within 2 to 5 business days.

However, it is unlikely that your order will be fulfilled locally.

The majority of Shein’s offerings are stored, packed, and processed within their vast China-based warehouses and infrastructure.

Your Black Friday sale items will undoubtedly be flying from there.

Shein Delivery Times by Destination

Cargo airplane in the sky

The following table shows the Shein delivery time to each country this Black Friday.

These estimates include the 1 to 3-day processing time for your order to leave the warehouse.

Delivery TimeCost
Australia14-16 Days Standard ShippingAU$7.95 (Free orders over $29)
Austria13-15 Days Standard ShippingFree Shipping
Canada13-18 Days Express Shipping
9-15 Days Standard Shipping
CA$6.95 Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over CA$49.00)
CA$26.00 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over CA$129.00)
Croatia8-20 Days Standard Shipping22,79€ (Free orders over 118,06€)
Denmark14-18 Days Standard Shipping5,90€ (Free orders over 9,00€)
France16-18 Days Standard Shipping
10-12 Days Express Shipping
3,90€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 39,00€)
19,90€ Express Shipping
Germany25-27 Days Economic Shipping
14-17 Days Standard Shipping
1,50€ Economic Shipping
3,50€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 39,00€)
Italy4 Weeks Economic Shipping
13-16 Days Standard Shipping
2,49€ Economic Shipping
(Free for orders over 19,00€)
4,49€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 19,00€)
Hong Kong6- Days Express ShippingFree Shipping
Malaysia9-12 Days Standard ShippingFree Shipping
Netherlands8-11 Days Standard Shipping2,00€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 9,00€)
India7-14 Days Standard Shipping(Dependent on Address Pincode)
Singapore13-15 Days Standard Shipping
9-12 Days Express Shipping
Free Standard Shipping
S$3.00 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over S$80.00)
Spain15-20 Days Standard Shipping
13-15 Days Express Shipping
3,90€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 29,00€)
44,90€ Express Shipping
United Kingdom15-18 Days Standard Shipping
10-14 Days Express Shipping
£2 Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over £35)
£12 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over £100)
United States10-15 Days Standard Shipping
8-12 Days Express Shipping
Standard is Free
Express US$12.90

For my full in-depth article about Shein delivery times, head here.

Will Shein Take Longer to Process My Order?

clock and calendar

Black Friday is a big day in the annual calendar for online retailers.

This means that e-commerce behemoths such as Shein come well prepared.

Shein processing warehouses in China, take on more seasonal staff during this busy period and will continue to this employment until after Christmas.

Demand requires it.

So in most cases, there should be no impact on the processing time (i.e. the length of time it takes for Shein to pick and package the shipment and hand it over to the carrier), of your order.

Shein aims to have orders “out of the door” within 3 days.

The same remains during the Black Friday rush.

Will My Shein Order be Delayed Due to Limited Stock?

out of stock sign

Does the Black Friday Shein extravaganza mimic some of the scenes you see in the news for brick-and-mortar stores… People rioting in the aisles, fighting over remaining stock?

The answer is of course no. That’s why so many of us enjoy shopping online.

While certain items may go out of stock during the day, Shein employs sophisticated technology and an advanced inventory management system so that customers ordering online are only seeing items that are available.

Essentially, Shein’s inventory tracking, order processing, and dynamic real-time updates to its online catalog help ensure that you never experience a delay to your order due to purchased items not being available.

Returns and Customer Service

refunds and returns

Despite the excitement of Black Friday shopping, sometimes items may not meet expectations or fit as desired.

Shein is known for its straightforward return policy, allowing customers to return items within a specified timeframe.

Understanding the return process, including the steps to initiate a return and the associated costs, is crucial for a hassle-free experience.

In case of any issues, Shein’s customer service is typically responsive and can provide assistance.

Tips for a Smooth Black Friday Shopping Experience

black friday sign

To ensure a seamless Black Friday shopping experience with Shein, consider these tips:

1. Shop Early

Popular items may sell out quickly, so it’s advisable to start shopping as soon as the Black Friday sale begins.

Just as my wife did this morning, grabbing her phone from the nightstand as soon as her eyes opened. 🙂

2. Check Size Guides

measuring tape

To avoid disappointment, refer to Shein’s size guides before purchasing clothing items, as sizes may vary.

I will admit, I find the user comments and images in the reviews section extremely helpful here.

Make sure you check them out on any item you’re thinking about buying.

3. Subscribe to Newsletter / Look for Coupons in the App


Shein often sends exclusive deals and promotions to newsletter subscribers, providing an extra edge for Black Friday shoppers.

There are also a number of coupons available in your account (online or on the app).

Try to tailor your order to make the most of them.

If you get 20% by spending to a certain threshold, it is normally worth adding a couple of more things to your basket.

4. Follow Shein on Social Media

follow social media

Social media platforms are excellent sources for real-time updates on promotions, discounts, and any issues with deliveries.

You’ll find helpful information whether it is Shein, influencers, or my Twitter account 🙂

Anyway, make the most of these bargains and have a great day!

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