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Does Buffalo Logistics Deliver on Weekends?

You’re expecting a delivery from Buffalo Logistics and the weekend is approaching.

Will you receive your package on Saturday or Sunday or will you have to wait until Monday and beyond?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Does Buffalo Logistics Deliver on Weekends

Buffalo Logistics does not deliver on weekends or public holidays. There are no delivery or pick up services on these days. However, drop boxes can still be accessed, although pickup from those only takes place from Monday to Friday.

Does Buffalo Logistics Deliver on Weekends – Guide

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What more can be said on the subject?

Buffalo Logistics states very clearly on its website that there is “No delivery on Saturday and Sunday or Public Holidays”.

This means that if you have a package that reaches your local Buffalo Logistics facility late Friday afternoon, delivery will not take place until Monday morning.

Likewise, if you post a package with Buffalo as the carrier and it enters the origin facility on Friday afternoon, it will not be in transit to the next facility in the delivery chain until drivers go back to work on Monday.

Essentially, the carrier does not operate over the weekend.

Can I Pickup A Buffalo Package Over the Weekend?


Unfortunately not, Buffalo customer-facing services are also closed at the weekend so you will not be able to visit your local depot to pick up an item, even if your tracking states that the shipment is there.

You will need to make arrangements to pick it up on the next working day (i.e Monday), or if delivery is scheduled ensure that someone is at the destination address to receive the package.

Can I Drop off a Buffalo Package at the Weekend?

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Again, due to customer-facing facilities being closed over the weekend, you cannot drop off a buffalo package on Saturday or Sunday.

However, Buffalo drop boxes are available for you to use if you happen to have one in your area.

The package will remain inside the box until a driver picks it up on the next business day.

Final Words

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The situation is very clear with buffalo Logistics… there are no delivery services on Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holidays.

If you have time-sensitive deliveries you will need to ensure that delivery is made by Friday of a given week, or you have no choice but to wait until Monday for it to arrive.

At the time of writing Buffalo Logistics has no plans to increase its operating days to include the weekend.

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