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AliExpress Delivery Attempt Unsuccessful / Failed

You’ve just received a tracking update from your latest AliExpress order stating “Delivery Attempt Unsuccessful (or Failed)”.

What does this mean exactly? Why did it fail? Maybe you were home all day and you feel no attempt was made.

Is there anything you now need to do? Or will the carrier attempt delivery again?

Let’s take a look…

Meaning of “Delivery Attempt Unsuccessful”

AliExpress delivery attempt unsuccesful

Essentially, these alerts mean that the courier responsible for the final delivery to your door attempted delivery but was unsuccessful.

This could be for reasons such as an attempt was made but there was no one home to sign for it, the driver could not reach the property, or even the address details are incorrect.

Whatever the reason, the result is the same; the package was not delivered after the carrier attempted to do so.

aliexpress delivery failed

What Happens Next?

The immediate question that arises is, “What should I do now?”

The course of action largely depends on the country’s postal system.

Generally, courier companies make two delivery attempts

If the recipient misses the first attempt, the carrier will usually try again on the next working day.

One common concern is the absence of a notice in the recipient’s mailbox after a failed delivery attempt.

This is normal for the first attempt. However, if delivery fails a second time, the carrier will leave a notice indicating where the recipient can pick up the package and the timeframe for retrieval.

Continued Fail Attempts (And Inaction)

Alliexpress package returned to China

Failure to collect the package within the specified timeframe can lead to repercussions.

The package may be returned to China, and the buyer risks losing their money, even if a dispute is opened.

Unfortunately, AliExpress typically does not side with buyers in these situations.

For those unable to pick up the package themselves, there is usually an authorization form on the notice that allows someone else to retrieve it on their behalf.

This offers a convenient solution for busy individuals or those unable to visit the carrier’s office.

Hang On, I Was Home All Day!?

Another frequent scenario is when recipients claim to have been home during a supposed delivery attempt.

This discrepancy often arises due to staffing shortages and tight delivery schedules faced by courier companies.

In some cases, delivery attempts may be marked without actually occurring.

The above factors about redelivery attempts apply, however. If this scenario is the case, the driver will try to deliver the package the following working day.

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