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Yanwen Facility Outbound – TRACKING UPDATE GUIDE

You’re waiting on a delivery from AliExpress and the tracking update states “Yanwen Facility Outbound

What does this mean exactly? Has your package reached your country or is it still in China? How long will it be stuck on this status?

Let’s take a look…

What Does “Yanwen Facility Outbound” Mean?

Yanwen Facility Outbound means that the consignment has been processed through the Yanwen facility and is now ready to be dispatched to the port of departure out of China.

Where is Your Package when you Receive the “Yanwen Facility Outbound” Update?


When you receive this tracking status your package is somewhere between the Yanwen facility and the port of departure.

However, Yanwen can be a little unreliable in the frequency of its tracking updates, so this is often as specific as it gets.

The fact is, your item could still be in the sorting center waiting to go onto the mode of transport towards the departure point.

It could also be “in transit” towards the port of exit. Essentially, until you receive a future update, your consignment is ready to leave the Yanwen facility or has already done so.

How Far Away is Your Package After a “Yanwen Facility Outbound” Update?

yanwen facility outbound

Unfortunately, the shipment still has a long way to go when you receive the “Yanwen Facility Outbound” status alert.

For a start, the consignment is still in China. Once it reaches the port of departure, (which is the next step), Yanwen will not take care of the international transit section of the shipment.

This means that after customs clearance, there will be processing involved with the item being “received by linehaul”.

From there, you will not receive any more information until the shipment reaches the destination country.

This again will involve acceptance of the item from line haul and customs clearance.

To cut a long story short, depending on whether your shipment is traveling by cargo ship or airplane, and whether it encounters any issues along the way, delivery could easily be several weeks away.

A Word About Liege Linehaul

liege airport belgium

It is worth noting that AliExpress shipments into Europe have suffered long delays because of Liege Linehaul in Belgium.

Because although Belgium is not necessarily the destination country, Liege acts as an entry hub for Europe.

We have a dedicated article here, however, customers have complained that their item has sat in a warehouse for weeks in Liege awaiting processing and onward transit to the final delivery location.

And this is on AliExpress Premium air freight shipments that should take between 7 and 15 days to deliver.

What to do if Your Tracking is Stuck on “Yanwen Facility Outbound”?

girl shrugging

Due to the fact the item should still be in China when you receive this update, if the tracking doesn’t update, you should contact the seller.

If they don’t just tell you to “wait longer” (which is the default answer with AliExpress shipments; everybody knows they take a long time to arrive), the seller will be able to contact Yanwen to find out where your package might be.

If they are able to track the location of the shipment, and it has in fact left China, you should not expect any other updates until the item has reached the destination country.

Even then, it is the carrier responsible for delivery within the destination country that will provide more information.

Yanwen Customer Services

girl on phone

A reader left a comment asking for the customer service details for Yanwen.

If you wish to make contact with Yanwen yourself, (the normal route would be to contact the seller), here are the relevant details:

  • Company Phone: 400-108-5656
  • Bejing Sorting Center: +86 583 8021 677

This webpage will also lead you to a list of all the Yanwen sorting centers in China, along with the addresses and contact details.

How to know which carrier is responsible for delivery?

Yanwen Facility Outbound

In the case of the tracking alert in the screenshot above, it is clear that USPS will be responsible for the final delivery.

The Last Mile USPS code was created near the beginning of the shipment. You will be able to track your item, (once USPS has it physically within its infrastructure and has scanned it), by going to the USPS tracking page.

If your tracking details have not revealed who will be responsible for delivery in the destination country, you should punch in the tracking details of the item into a universal tracking service such as 17Track and Parcelsapp.

This will provide you with more information, (assuming there is more tracking info to be gained).

NOTE: International Service Centers (the entry point into the USA for international packages), have also been experiencing delays, with the Chicago ISC receiving a lot of online complaints.

The bad news is, even on arrival in the U.S. your item can be held up before final delivery.

When all else fails…

If The “Yanwen Facility Outbound” update is the last alert you receive and no progress is apparent, the only thing you can do is wait.

AliExpress offers a 60-day buyer’s guarantee that allows a customer to open a dispute if the item does not arrive within that time frame.

Ensure the period does not run out, and start the process towards the end of it, (any sooner and you will be told to wait longer).

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