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What Does “Arrival at Export Hub” Mean (Tracking Guide)

You’ve ordered something from overseas and you have received an “Arrival at Export Hub” status update.

While this alert is used predominantly by Belgium Post (BPost) other carriers may also send it.

So, what does this mean exactly? Is your package close when you receive this update or is there still a long way to go? What do you do if your tracking is stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrival at Export Hub

The “Arrival at Export Hub” tracking alert means that the shipment has arrived at the export facility in the origin country. This is where the package will be processed for customs clearance and prepared for cross-border transit via the relevant transport method, (normally airfreight).

Arrival at Export Hub – Guide

ISC New York NY (USPS)
ISC New York NY (USPS)

Whether you are using Belgium Post or another carrier that utilizes the “Arrival at Export Hub” status alert, where your package is located is determined by the origin country of the shipment.

In other words, if the origin country is the USA, the Export Hub will be one of the many International Service Centres dotted around the United States.

If the origin country is Belgium, the Export Hub will very likely be Liege. (This is the main export facility in Belgium based at Liege Airport).

In either case, the fact your package has arrived at the Export Hub means it will now be subjected to customs clearance before being handed to the international carrier service that is responsible for transit abroad.

In most cases, this will be an airline service, linehaul operator, or forwarding agent, (they all provide the same role in terms of international transit).

Once the item lands in the destination country, a similar process occurs. Namely, the package will arrive inside an import hub for customs processing and eventual dispatch to the local carrier responsible for final delivery.

For an arrival into Belgium, this will be BPost, (as this is the main carrier to use the “Arrival at Export Hub” status alert working).

How Long Will My Package Take to Arrive After the “Arrival at Export Hub” Alert?

Arrival at Export Hub

The length of time before your package is delivered once you receive the “Arrival at Export Hub” tracking update depends on the location of the origin country, and whether the customs process is completed in a timely manner.

The bad news first…

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For example, parcels leaving the USA that have gone through ISCs such as Chicago and New York have experienced major delays in recent years.

Covid staff shortages, high volumes, and general logistical issues have been a major problem that has come to the attention of the USPS Office of Inspector General.

So much so, that an official investigation into the problems within a number of USPS ISCs has been recommended.

In other words, if you are unlucky, your package may be held-up inside an ISC for a number of days before it is cleared by customs and eventually released.

Similar issues have been occurring in Liege. With AliExpress utilizing Liege as its main import hub into Europe, the high demand has led to major delays in deliveries.

Remember, these are all general logistical problems that do not even consider whether the documentation and information for package clearance are all in order.

If you have issues here, the wait is even longer. Truth be told, some customers have seen their packages held inside an Export Hub for weeks before release.

The fact you have reached this article could mean that the same thing is currently happening to you.

If all goes to plan…

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Of course, if there are no disruptions a simple package should take just one or two days to be processed through the export hub (i.e clearance) and be placed onto a plane.

Assuming one day for international transit and a further day or two for customs clearance in the destination country, you can see that the process is relatively swift if all goes smoothly.

Where Belgium Post is responsible for final delivery, they will take control of the item once it has been dispatched from the import hub. At this point, you should expect delivery within 48hrs.

That would make a total of less than a week between receiving the “Arrival at Export Hub” update, and the package being delivered to the recipient’s address.

Of course, premium expedited international deliveries should occur even faster than that.

Tracking a Package After an “Arrival at Export Hub” Status Alert

Arrival at Export Hub

It is important to note that you will have two methods of tracking the package during an international transit between Belgium and America, (for example).

In this scenario, the original Belgium Post tracking would work up until the package has been handed over to the airline/line haul operator, (a tracking alert that follows details of successful clearance).

From there, Belgium Post will have no means to continue scanning the shipment.

Not until it arrives in the USA will any new scans (and therefore tacking updates) take place. This will normally be conducted by USPS inside the U.S based ISC.

In other words, USPS will be responsible for final delivery in America.

So to break that down, while the package is in Belgium you will use the BPost tracking page to track your item. Once it lands in the USA, you should use the USPS tracking page.

(If the destination country is elsewhere, the local postal service will be the likely carrier to fulfill the final delivery).

Universal Tracking Apps


If you do not want to flit between various tracking pages, you could also use a universal tracking app. 17Track and ParcelsApp are our favorites.

Simply punch in your original, tracking number into one of these online services and it will scan all available tracking systems to locate details of your package location.

This is an efficient way of keeping informed where a shipment goes through more than one carrier.

What to do if Your Package is Stuck on “Arrival at Export Hub”?

Arrival at Export Hub

If your tracking ends up stuck on the “Arrival at Export Hub” status alert for more than 5 days it is likely that there has been an issue during clearance or the item has experienced delays in being handed over to customs, (see the ISC and Liege Line haul discussion above).

In either case, your best course of action is to contact the shipper.

Carrier services such as BPost are generally more prepared to investigate any shipment delays with the sender rather than the recipient.

Furthermore, in an e-commerce situation, it will be in the shipper’s best interest to get to the bottom of the problem.

If the package goes missing they will need to send a refund or a replacement.

Of course, the sender will not always be so accommodating. Should you decide to contact BPost direct, you can do so by heading here or calling this number: 02 278 51 26.

Final Words

Arrival at Export Hub

Essentially, the “Arrival at Export Hub” is a standard alert that you will expect to receive as the shipment prepares to leave the origin country.

There are still a few important steps it needs to go through before it leaves the origin country, some of which can cause delays.

However, when everything goes to plan, the package should arrive in the destination country within a few days.

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