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Yanwen Economic Air Mail – Complete Guide

You’ve ordered a product online from China, and the seller has opted to use Yanwen Economic Air Mail as the delivery method.

Will this cause a problem? How long will your item take to arrive and how can you track it?

Let’s take a look…

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Yanwen Economic Air Mail – Summary

Yanwen Economic Air Mail is a low-budget shipping option used by various eCommerce companies, (AliExpress, Alibaba, Wish, etc) based in China. Yanwen is a logistics service that operates within China, organizing pick up from the seller’s warehouse and transit towards the destination country where it is handed over to the local postal service or carrier for delivery.

What is Yanwen Economic Air Mail Used For?

Yanwen Economic Air Mail is Yanwen’s most used shipping option for low-priced goods bought off of Chinese eCommerce stores.

The service ships products all over the world, however, it is important to understand that Yanwen is not responsible for the overseas transit part of the shipment.

When a seller opts for Yanwen Economic Air Mail, Yanwen is simply responsible for picking up the item from the seller’s warehouse location in China and dispatching it to the relevant airport for onward transit.

Yanwen will be responsible for the package until it is with customs clearance. After this, it will be handed over to a separate linehaul company, (the service responsible for air cargo).

Upon arrival in the destination country, the package goes through clearance once again and is then handed over to a local postal service. 

In America, this would be USPS (sometimes FedEx), in the UK, Royal Mail, etc.

Yanwen Economic Air Mail Tracking

Yanwen Economic Air Mail

We have covered Yanwen tracking in greater detail here and actually discussed whether the tracking for Yanwen Economic Air Mail is fake here.

The fact is, Yanwen does have a bad reputation for its tracking.

Customers will only be able to track a Yanwen Economic Air Mail package while it is in China. Once it has been handed over to customs and linehaul at the airport, Yanwen can no longer track progress.

This has led to many customers complaining that the tracking service is fake.

That aside, while the item is in China your Yanwen Express packages will have a tracking number in the following format:

 VP789242362YP or UV098765432YP

The tracking code features two capital letters followed by nine digits. The YP at the end indicates that Yanwen Post is the carrier responsible for the shipment. 

You will be able to enter your code into the Yanwen website to follow progress at this stage.

You can also choose to use one of the many universal tracking services available, (we rate Parcelsapp and 17Track).

Tracking your Yanwen Economic Air Mail outside of China

Universal Parcel Tracking Global Package Tracking

This is where it gets difficult. Once your Yanwen Economic Air Mail shipment has left China you will need to wait until the service responsible for final delivery has it.

This could be weeks after the initial shipment start date.

We also recommend that you utilize a universal tracking service to find these updates.

Also, if you live in the U.S and have signed up for the USPS “Informed Delivery”, you will be able to find details of the shipment there, (as long as the address attached to the account is the delivery address of the order).

How long Does a Yanwen Economic Air Mail Shipment Take?

A Yanwen Economic Air Mail shipment will take two to three weeks if you are fortunate. A delivery time of 35-60 days is not uncommon. 

This is a very long time and coupled with the lack of tracking is a big reason many customers have complained about Yanwen Economic Air Mail as a service.

How to contact Yanwen customer service?

With these long shipment times, it is understandable that customers do attempt to contact the company for details about their shipment.

To do this for your Yanwen consignment, you can reach their customer service from outside China at + 86 755 8251 2889.

[The number within in China is 400-108-5656.]

You may also decide to contact the seller through the eCommerce platform you made the original order.

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