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Yanwen Facility & Shipments – All You Need to Know

You’ve ordered a product from AliExpress and the tracking update states “Yanwen Facility”.

What does this mean exactly? You may be thinking about what an earth Yanwen is. If they are in charge of your delivery, is your purchase in safe hands?

And when exactly can you expect to receive your item?

Let’s take a look…

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Yanwen Facility – Summary

Yanwen Logistics is an e-commerce carrier service based in Beijing. The company operates from 50 cities within China and provides international network distribution to approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. Its business partners include AliExpress, China Post, eBay & DHL.

Yanwen Facilities & Head Office

Beijing, China

The Yanwen corporate head office is situated in Beijing. However, there are many more Yanwen facilities and offices throughout China.

The facilities throughout the country act as sorting and distribution hubs catering to eCommerce shipments with origins all across China.

In other words, when you buy an item on AliExpress for example, it doesn’t matter the location of the warehouse storing the item, Yanwen will have a facility within the region in order to facilitate the shipment.

This and the low-cost shipping services that Yanwen provides have made it a popular choice with China-based eCommerce vendors.

[Address: Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co., Ltd, No. 10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China]

How to Track a Yanwen Consignment

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Like Sanyou shipments, (which is a competing carrier) Yanwen will only track your shipment while in China. 

Essentially, the tracking updates you will receive from Yanwen will start at the point the shipper makes the order, and will end at the point Yanwen hands the consignment over to linehaul, (i.e the airline or cargo ship service responsible for the overseas transit).

As we will explore shortly, even then it can be touch and go whether you will receive accurate status updates.

[Spoiler Alert: Yanwen tracking and delivery is less than reliable, with a lot of online complaints about the quality of the service.]

What Carrier Takes Care of Yanwen Shipments in the Destination Country?

yanwen facility last mile carriers

So if Yanwen does not track items once they leave China, and also utilizes 3rd party carriers once a consignment arrives in the destination country, who takes care of the final delivery?

This actually depends on the country in question…

Yanwen Facility in the USA

Yanwen does not have facilities in the USA. A consignment shipped from China by Yanwen is passed onto USPS or FedEx once it arrives in the U.S.

Yanwen Facility in Canada

Similarly, any package shipped from China to Canada by Yanwen is handed over to Canada Post for final delivery in Canada. 

Yanwen Facility in the UK

Any Yanwen shipments arriving in to the United Kingdom are passed onto Royal Mail, which will then be responsible for final delivery. There are no Yanwen facilities in the U.K.

Yanwen Facility – Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, 

Yanwen shipments to other parts of Europe differ in that the responsibility for delivery doesn’t fall to the applicable local postal service.

Instead, the package will be handed over to B2C Europe once it arrives in the detention country. In other words, there are no Yanwen Facilities in these countries.

Is Yanwen Reliable?

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Unfortunately, Yanwen is not a premium shipping service and overall customer satisfaction is low.

Complaints range from the lack of tracking to long delivery times and packages never being delivered.

The cost-saving nature of the enterprise, (which has made it popular with vendors) has caused a lot of customers to be unhappy with the service.

So, How Long Does Yanwen Shipping Take?

yanwen facility shipping

The Yanwen economic air mail option should take between 6 to 25 days. Note the wide range there, and that’s assuming no issues occur, (such as import/export problems or shipping delays).

For some reason, items often get held up in a Yanwen facility as they make their way (slowly) to the point of departure out of China.

A Yanwen package transported by cargo ship can take anything between 35 to 60 days.

In both cases, a large part of the transit time can be that that occur in China. In other words, the consignment is within the Yanwen delivery infrastructure and being passed from one Yanwen facility to the next.

What to do if Your Package is Stuck in a Yanwen Facility

woman on phone complaining

To start with, all you can do is wait. The lack of tracking updates and the average Yanwen shipping time means you are generally in this for the long haul.

However, should you decide to make contact, you can call Yanwen customer service at + 86 755 8251 2889, (from outside China) and 400-108-5656, (from inside China)

If the order was made via AliExpress you have means of assistance there too.

AliExpress offers a 60-day buyer’s guarantee that allows a customer to open a dispute if the item does not arrive within that time frame.

You should keep a close eye on this cover period, and start the process towards the end of it, (any sooner and you will be told to wait longer).

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