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Departed Sunyou Facility – Tracking Guide & More

You’re waiting on a delivery from China and the tracking update states “Departed Sunyou Facility

What does this mean exactly? Has your package reached your country or is it still in China? How long will it be stuck on this status?

Let’s take a look…

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What Does “Departed Sunyou Facility” Mean?

The “Departed Sunyou Facility” tracking alert means that the consignment has left a Sunyou facility within the origin country of the shipment. The next step is normally international transit towards the destination country.

Where are Sunyou Facilities based?

The main Sunyou headquarters and location of its largest facility in China is in Shenzhen.

Sunyou Facility

Address: 9R/9F, Building A, Guanghao International Center, Minzki Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen.

However, the Shenzhen Sunyou Cross-border Logistics Co., Ltd., (to use its full name) also has facilities and offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Yiwu.

With its distribution network, Sunyou has proven popular with AliExpress sellers and other vendors based in the far east looking for low-budget international delivery services.

The company has over 30,000 square meters of package handling and storage centers and processes hundreds of thousands of international parcels each day.

Main Issues with Sunyou

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The main problem with Sunyou is that cheap does not mean cheerful. The delivery time is long, from 30 to 60 days on average. 

Furthermore, it is relatively unreliable. A large percentage of orders are not successfully delivered.

This clearly has caused issues with overall customer satisfaction. A Sunyou shipment can also be frustrating as the tracking updates are poor and infrequent.

Tracking Stuck on “Departed Sunyou Facility”

Departed Sunyou Facility

As mentioned, Sunyou tracking is sparse at best.

This makes it difficult to know if your package has been lost in transit, mis-scanned but is on its way, or just proceeding at a slow pace and will be with you eventually.

It is important to understand that once your package leaves a Sunyou facility it could be weeks before it is scanned again.

Your item will travel via a bulk consignments from China (for example) and will unlikely receive an individual scan until it reaches the entry point of the destination country, (port and/or customs)

This uncertainty has caused a lot of complaints and online chatter from customers. For most of the package journey, you have no idea where your shipment actually is.

What to do if Your Tracking is Stuck on “Departed Sunyou Facility”


Patience is necessary when it comes to Sunyou tracking. Even with a universal tracking service such as 17track or Parcelsapp, you will only be able to track your item with your Sunyou tracking number, while the consignment is in China.

Once it leaves the exit port, a new untraceable tracking ID is assigned that will only be useful once the item reaches the destination country.

In other words, if your shipment is stuck on “Departed Sunyou Facility” all you can do is wait.

That being said, as with any Aliexpress shipment you should watch your buyer’s guarantee period and be ready to open a dispute if the package does not arrive within the 60-day period.

Guarantee periods vary with other eCommerce companies shipping items from the far east, however, if in doubt contact the seller of the item if more than a month passes without any further updates.

How to Contact SunYou

If you would like to contact Sunyou about a delayed package you can reach them at 400-607-5388. The Sunyou website can also be reached here. A tracking facility is available on the homepage.

Other Sunyou Tracking Updates you “Might” Receive

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  • Consignment sent from depo – This alert is sent once the vendor/seller has created the order and the item has been packaged and sent from the warehouse. It is now within the Sunyou carrier infrastructure.
  • The consignment has been onforwarded for transportation to a destination – This is the equivalent of the “in-transit” alert that many carriers use. The shipment is on its way to the next facility or port.
  • Allocated to a unit/container or separately in truck – This alert is describing the fact the shipment has been allocated a container on the cargo ship. Conversely, it may be on a leg of the journey that requires overland transit, (i.e on the truck).
  • Departed Airport / Transshipment Hub – The shipment has left the origin or transit country (via airplane or cargo ship respectively).

Remember, do not be surprised if you do not receive any of these updates. These are just some that “could” be sent during the transit of a Sunyou shipment while it is still in the origin country.

Final Words

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As with any purchase using economy mail from China and the far east, you are in for a long wait.

These consignments travel in bulk via cargo ship. This makes tracking updates once they depart the origin country difficult.

It also guarantees long shipment times. As long as you are prepared for this, the waiting game should be less painful.

The fact is, it will be difficult to pinpoint the location of your package until it is closer to your door and the carrier responsible for final delivery actually has it.

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  1. I ordered something from AliExpress since September and the tracking showed it has arrived in Nigeria and it is in my city (ajah) since the 24th of October, but I haven’t received it till date and the number on the tracking site isn’t connecting. I don’t know what to do at this point


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