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What Does “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from TNT and you have received a “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package and how soon should you expect delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Shipment Arrived at TNT Location – Meaning

The “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” tracking update means that the package is currently at a TNT sorting facility awaiting the next leg of its journey. This update can occur at any stage of the TNT shipment process.

Where is My Package when I Receive the “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” Update?


The locations referred to when this update is used can be anywhere along the package journey. 

For example, when the package is first collected from the sender it will enter the TNT tracking system after being scanned at a sort facility. This is a TNT location.

Depending on the distance the package needs to travel between sender and recipient, there may be several TNT locations along the route.

So How do I Know Where my Package Is?


To pinpoint where your package is after receiving the “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” update, you will need to look at the tracking details that surround it.

In other words, if the TNT location is close to the origin of the shipment you will know that there is still a long way to go.

If the TNT location is closer to the area of the recipient, you will know that the item is approaching delivery.

What Happens After a “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” Update?

Shipment Arrived at TNT Location

Generally, the fact that the package has entered the TNT location, means it will soon be sorted for its onward transit.

This could be sorted onto a truck for transit toward the area of the recipient. For an international shipment, this could mean sorting for dispatch overseas.

In the example from the screenshot above, the next step was a TNT “depot nearest to the delivery address.” In other words, the package is very close to final delivery.

Essentially, after receiving the update the package will soon be dispatched on the next leg of its journey.

How Close is my Package When I Receive a “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” Update?

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Taking the above information into account, it is difficult to determine how long your package will be before it is delivered.

Again, if the TNT location is near the recipient, final delivery could be a matter of just a few days.

If the TNT is close to the sender (and it is an international shipment), depending on the shipment service speed used, the package could be a week or more away.

My Package is Stuck on the “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” Update

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If your package remains stuck on the “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” update and looks as if it is not moving, you should contact the sender and ask them to make enquires.

Generally, carriers such as TNT prefer to deal directly with the person/business that made the original shipment order.

They should be able to look into the delay and see where the problem has occurred.

If you receive little assistance from the sender, you can also contact TNT directly.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Shipment Arrived at TNT Location” tracking update is a standard alert that shows your package is making progress.

It has reached the next leg of its journey (a TNT location) and will be sorted for onward dispatch.

Depending on where the shipment is, this could mean out for final delivery or onto another TNT location.

Overall, this is a common update that shows that the shipment is underway as normal.

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