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What Does “Delivered to Destination Post” Mean?

You’ve ordered a package from the far east, (maybe AliExpress) and you’ve received a  “Delivered to Destination Post” tracking update.

What does this mean and where is your package? Is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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“Delivered to Destination Post” – Meaning 

“Delivered to Destination Post means that the package has been handed over to the postal service (or carrier company) in the destination country. The next step is customs clearance before onward transit towards the recipient.

How Long will my Package Take to Arrive After a “Delivered to Destination Post” Update?

How long your package will take to arrive after this update really depends on the clearance process, the type of package, and the level of delivery service used.

A best-case scenario would be that all the clearance paperwork is complete and that the package contents were something regularly imported (an electrical item from AliExpress for example).

This would allow for a smooth customs clearance process and the package could be in transit towards the delivery address in just a few days.

However, clearance on packages from the far east can also take weeks. During this time you may not even receive another tracking update.

This can lead to frustration and the belief that your item will never be delivered.


My Package is Stuck on the “Delivered to Destination Post” Update – What to Do?

If your package is delayed going through customs clearance in the destination country, it can seem like the item is stuck on “Delivered to Destination Post” forever.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to help expedite this process.

If there has been no update to suggest that clearance work is missing or incomplete, you simply have to wait longer.

You should keep an eye on the 60-Day Buyer’s Protection period on any item bought from AliExpress however.

Any dispute you want to make with the seller regarding the undelivered item needs to be made before this period runs out.

You can also simply contact the shipper to ask them to look into why the delay has occurred.

Which Carriers use the “Delivered to Destination Post” Update?

Delivered to Destination Post

If your package was originally shipped by China Post, Korea Post, and Singapore Post you will likely receive this update once it reaches the destination country and is handed over to the local postal service.

There may well be more so we will update this article in time to represent that. If you have experienced this tracking update with a different carrier, please let us know in the comments below.

Tracking your Package After a “Delivered to Destination Post” Update

Universal Parcel Tracking Global Package Tracking

Due to several carriers using this update and the fact your item will have been handed over to a locally based carrier in the destination country, it can sometimes be difficult to know which tracking service to use to remain informed on the item’s location.

To this end, we recommend using a universal tracking alert website such as Parcelsapp.

This will scan a large number of carriers using the tracking number you insert into the tracking field.

If any information is found on the location of your item (and its most recent updates), the system will reveal it.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Delivered to Destination Post” tracking update means that your package is getting closer to delivery.

It has arrived in the destination country and has been handed over to the local carrier service in preparation for customs clearance.

Hopefully, this process will run smoothly and the item will be on the way to your door within a few days.

If not, be patient. As it can take weeks if clearance is delayed.

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