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What Does the TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending” Update Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from TNT and you have received a “Scheduled Delivery Pending” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending” – Meaning

When you receive a TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending” status it means that the original TNT delivery commitment has been changed, i.e there has been a delay. However, TNT is aware of the issue and will attempt to mitigate this delay.

Reasons Your Package is TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending”

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There are a number of reasons that your package has been scheduled for delivery pending:

  • Transportation disruptions such as flight or vehicle delays.
  • Bad weather (impacting normal delivery infrastructure)
  • The package is at the destination facility but was too late for dispatch that day
  • Holidays and staffing issues
  • Covid disruptions

Essentially, if an issue has occurred that causes the consignment to be delayed, the delivery infrastructure (i.e TNT’s system), will automatically state a “Scheduled Delivery Pending” update before a new delivery window is set.

Should You Call TNT Customer Services after a “Scheduled Delivery Pending” Update?

Should You Call TNT Customer Services after a “Scheduled Delivery Pending” Update?

This depends on whether you have the patience to orientate the customer services phone call (or wait for an email response), and still be no clearer on when your package might arrive.

The truth is, a “Scheduled Delivery Pending” means there has been a delay and TNT doesn’t yet know when your package might arrive.

In my experience, when you contact TNT customer services about this issue you basically get the scripted response:

We are doing everything we can to deliver your package as soon as possible”. In other words, they will not be able to tell you anything new.

Where is Your Package When you Receive a TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending” Update?


Where your package is depends on where the delay has occurred. For example, the hold-up might have happened at the origin TNT facility, (i.e the depot closest to the sender).

If this is the case your package is still at the beginning of its shipment journey.

The tracking information will be able to reveal more in that the previous update should have details of the package location.

If the delay occurred after a “ TNT “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update, you know that the delay is likely to be due to a customs clearance issue.

In this case, you should watch the tracking for updates on whether any action needs to be taken for the import process.

Essentially, the TNT tracking information prior to the “Scheduled Delivery Pending” will give you an idea of the consignment location when the delay occurred.

Final Words

When you receive a TNT “Scheduled Delivery Pending” status alert, there is no reason to worry.

At the very least you know that TNT is aware of the issue and will (hopefully) be doing all it can to mitigate it.

You should continue to watch your tracking updates and if no new information is provided after 48hrs you should contact TNT customer services.

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