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TNT “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” Tracking Guide 2022

You’re expecting a delivery from TNT and you have received a “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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TNT “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” – Meaning

The TNT “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” is a tracking update on international packages that occurs on either side of the customs clearance process within the destination country. It is simply the point at which TNT has handed over the package and then subsequently retrieved the package before and after the import process.

TNT “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” – Guide

The summary explanation above may seem quite complicated, so let’s unpack that.

Essentially, TNT will hand over an international package for a short while once it enters the destination country, (i.e country of the recipient).

The connection points are the points at which this transfer to customs clearance occurs.

After receiving the first of the “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” updates, you should receive an alert stating that the package is going through the customs clearance process.

You should then receive an alert once clearance has passed, before eventually receiving another “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update.

It is at this point that TNT will once again be responsible for the transit of the package and will continue the process of delivery to the final address.

Where is the package when you receive the “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update?

Shipment Arrived at Connection Point

The graphic above shows the progress of your package once you have received the first “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update.

Although not shown here, you may also receive a “shipment in transit” update during this process.

This is basically telling you that the package is on its way to the next connection point where it will be picked up by TNT for onward delivery.

How far is the package from delivery?

The fact your package has reached the destination country means that the item is nearing delivery.

However, there are a few variables that can impact potential delivery times at this point.

The main issue is the customs clearance process. Assuming all paperwork is present and correct and there are no delays the package will be with TNT again very soon and on the last leg of its journey.

This may involve sorting at a TNT facility (the relevant alert being “shipment arrived at TNT location”) before going out to final delivery to your door.

This should all flow within the delivery schedule stated by TNT in your tracking information.

Of course, should a situation arise during customs clearance, the issue will need to be resolved for the item to be released for delivery. The time this takes can vary widely.

What to do if your package is stuck on the “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update?

If your package is stuck on the first of the “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” updates upon arrival in the destination country it is very likely that the item has encountered an issue at customs.

If this is the case, we recommend that you contact TNT and the shipper for further information on what the hold-up may be.

It could be that the shipper will need to provide more detailed documentation on the package. It could also mean that taxes or duties are owed, (which would be the responsibility of the recipient).

No updates after the second “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” update (i.e the one after clearance has passed) could either mean a mis-scan or TNT has been delayed in picking up the package for onward delivery.

Again if an unreasonable amount of time (2 or more days) passes with no new updates, you should contact TNT.

Final Words

The “Shipment Arrived at Connection Point” is normally reserved for international packages that are about to go through the customs clearance process.

It is a standard update that is all part of the process when a package is imported.

You should keep an eye on further updates to ensure that the package continues unheeded. If the tracking remains stuck on this update you should contact TNT and if necessary the shipper to find out more.

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