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TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from TNT and you have received a “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? How long will your package be delayed and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

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TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” – Meaning

The TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” tracking update means that the package has experienced a delay during its journey to the recipient, and the carrier is currently attempting to mitigate this delay.

Why Have I Received a TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” Update?

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To elaborate on the above definition, this update is used by TNT to inform customers that a delay has occurred.

There are multiple reasons the package could have been delayed, and therefore the tracking alert was sent.

The “in-transit” part of the update is actually deceiving. The package does not necessarily have to be delayed during transit (as in on the road or air) for the update to be triggered.

Delays inside the carrier sort facility or depot can potentially cause delays too.

Reasons for the Delay

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  • Bad weather conditions cause problems on the roads or air
  • Driver unable to complete their round within the working day
  • Package was not loaded onto the truck in time for delivery
  • Heavy traffic or technical issues causing delivery failure
  • Technical issues or misplaced items in the carrier facility
  • Staff shortage problems causing a back-log (particularly common during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic)

Essentially, any issue that can cause a delay in the normal running of TNTs delivery infrastructure will potentially trigger the “Shipment delayed in transit Recovery actions underway” tracking update.

What “Recovery Actions” Does TNT Employ?

Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway

So the second half of the update states “Recovery actions underway”. What does this mean exactly? What does TNT do in an attempt to mitigate the delay?

TNT will not report the recovery actions within the update. Clearly, they also differ in relation to the nature of the delay.

Essentially, this is TNT’s way of saying that they know about the issue and are trying to correct it so that the package delay is as short as possible.

This could mean anything from ensuring that the package gets on the next available truck, to it being rerouted if there has been a larger issue earlier on the delivery chain.

What to do When You Receive a TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” Update?

Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway

Unfortunately, there is very little action you can take when you receive this update.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on your TNT tracking updates for information on the delivery schedule.

While it is possible to call or email TNT regarding the delay, they will not be able to tell you much more than the actual tracking update.

In fact, very often the update is accompanied by a “TNT is working to resolve this and will contact you shortly if needed.”

In other words, they would prefer you didn’t call and will be in touch if required.

If you do decide to contact TNT, rarely will they be able to give you an accurate update on the delivery schedule at this stage.

How Long Will My Package Take After a TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” Update?

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Again, this all depends on the cause of the delay and TNT’s efforts to minimize the delay.

TNT will have greater control over some issues compared to others; the package missing the correct delivery truck for example.

In this scenario, the package will be sent on the next available truck and the delivery will only be delayed by a small fraction of time, in some cases not at all.

In other situations it may take TNT longer to solve the issue, causing you to wait much longer.

It is rare that a package is delayed for more than a few days, however. 

If it is delayed for longer, you will need to contact TNT customer services for an explanation.

Final Words

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Overall, the TNT “Shipment Delayed in Transit Recovery Actions Underway” Tracking Update is nothing to be concerned about.

The carrier is simply preparing the customer for a potential short delay in the delivery of the package.

TNT is aware of the issue and is attempting to get the delivery schedule back on track.

Most of the time, the delivery delay is short.

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