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“Customs Clearance Processing Complete” – What Does it Mean?

You’re expecting an international package to arrive and you have just received a “Customs Clearance Processing Complete” tracking update.

What does this mean and how soon can you expect to have your hands on the package? Let’s take a look.

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“Customs Clearance Processing Complete” – Meaning

When you receive a “customs clearance process complete” status update, it means that the item has cleared the customs of the receiving country. The package is now despatched to the carrier responsible for the onward journey toward the recipient.

How long will my package take to arrive after a “Customs Clearance Processing Complete” update?

This will depend on the import location of the package in relation to the final destination.

For example, the largest FedEx hub in the USA is in Memphis, Tennessee. A high number of international packages flow through this hub and your item may well have cleared processing there, (if FedEx is responsible for delivery).

If you live in Seattle, your package will still have a long way to go. This could mean passing through various regional FedEx hubs before reaching your address.

Similar factors in terms of delivery speed with UPS, DHL, and USPS apply here too. The distance between the international entry point and the recipient can mean any number of intermediate transit facilities as the package makes its way to you.

Service speed purchased for the order also has a major influence. An expedited DHL international next-day delivery is going to arrive much faster than an economy delivery option.

Essentially, after a Customs Clearance Processing Complete update, you know that the package will soon be in the hands of the carrier service responsible for the next leg of the journey.

How can I track my Package after a “Customs Clearance Processing Complete” alert?

Customs Clearance Processing Complete

In some cases, the tracking process you have been using to keep updated may change after customs clearance.

This is because the package will now be handed over to the carrier responsible for the next stage of delivery in the destination country.

This service will not always be the same as the one used during the earlier stages of the package journey.

When this happens you should check emails and the tracking number you have used so far to see if any update is provided as to which service is now in charge.

You can use the tracking number you have (or if a new one has been provided) on the tracking page of the relevant company.

You can also use a universal tracking website. Type in the tracking details that you have and the system will check through multiple carrier services to see where your number is valid.

From there you will be able to continue tracking the package location and progress.

Final Words

A Customs Clearance Processing Complete update is good news. It means that the part of the package journey more susceptible to complications and delays (i.e international transit and customs) is now over.

The package has arrived in the destination country, and the next step is onward delivery to the address of the recipient.

In most cases, it will be arriving in a matter of days.

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