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What Does “In Transit” Mean? Shein Tracking Guide

You’ve recently made an order from Shein and you’ve received an “In Transit” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and how far away is it from delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: In Transit Meaning Shein

The “In Transit” tracking update from Shein is first triggered when the package has reached the first carrier facility after being shipped, (i.e after leaving the Shein warehouse). “In transit” essentially means that the package is moving step by step toward its destination.

In Transit Meaning Shein – Guide

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The “In Transit” tracking update from Shein is fairly self-explanatory. It first appears after the order has been successfully shipped from the Shein warehouse.

This stage of the shipment journey sees the package “In Transit” towards the carrier facility where it will be sorted for dispatch toward the appropriate airport for International transit.

In Transit Shein

As you can see from the screenshot above of one of my latest orders, the package has now been “In Transit” for several days, with regular updates being triggered as the package makes its way toward export out of China.

As it stands my order is now “In Transit “Departed from AIRPORT of Origin”. It has left China and is on its way to the country where I live, (Croatia).

How Long will my Package be “In Transit” with Shein?

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Shein actually uses various different carrier companies depending on the destination address.

Yanwen was the carrier responsible for transiting my most recent order to the airport out of China.

Then using 17Track, I can now see that my package has arrived in Europe, (Netherlands) and that PostNL is responsible for the next stage of the journey.

The shipment is showing as “In Transit” throughout all of this.

In Transit to In Dispatch Shein

In fact, if you look at your Shein tracking page, (screenshot example above), you can see that the shipment will be in transit until it reaches the “In Dispatch” stage of the journey.

In my case, this could be as the item is prepared for international shipment between Netherlands and Croatia, or at the point it reaches the carrier responsible for final delivery to my address.

Shein states that my package will take anything between 8 and 20 days, from shipping.

With the “In Transit” stage of the shipment taking up the majority of that, it means that I could see such updates for as long as two weeks.

Tracking Stuck on In Transit

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As mentioned above, you will keep seeing the “In Transit” alert heading with specific tracking details for a number of days, so be prepared for this.

However, if your package looks to be stuck on one particular step and the delivery window is running out, (in my case it would be after 20 days), you should contact Shein.

17 Track tracking of Shein Order
17Track is providing me with more recent updates than the Shein tracking page

Another tip before making contact is to try your tracking code in an app such as ParcelsApp or 17Track.

I mentioned the latter earlier, and while my Shein tracking currently shows the package as “Departed from AIRPORT of Origin”, 17 Track shows it as having passed customs clearance in the Netherlands.

In other words, you will often find more recent updates using a universal tracking app, rather than the Shein native tracking page.

Final Words

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Overall, the “In Transit” tracking alert from Shein means that your package is moving.

It is going through the normal stages of the shipment journey on its way to the destination address.

If it is stuck for a long period of time, first check with a universal tracking app and if the delivery window suggested by Shein is close to running, you should get in touch with the platform.

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