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Shein Tracking not Updating – Why it Happens & What you Should Do

Why is your Shein tracking not updating? You’ve ordered multiple items from this popular online retailer and you’re excited about the delivery.

However, after checking the tracking over several days (if not more) you’re not seeing any progress. Frustrating at best, alarming at worst, (will your package ever arrive?).

Let’s take a look at why it happens and what you can do.

Reasons Your Shein Tracking is not Updating?

airport Package Processed by International Carrier

Shipments from China take time

Unfortunately, there are countless reasons your Shein shipment tracking is not updating.

However, the number one issue to consider is the fact your order is delivered via a standard shipping option and is coming from China.

The Shein website actually states that orders can take anything between 7 and 48 business days.

It depends on the delivery address location, there is a scroll-down menu that allows you to select the destination country.

Essentially, every step of the transit journey will take time. We recommend that at least a week should pass between the last tracking update before you are unduly concerned about progress.

Furthermore, if you have received an update that the consignment has left the origin country, (and is currently in overseas transit), you should allow at least 10 days before you consider contacting customer services.

It is Not Being Tracked

not tracked

To compound things further, tracking updates will not always occur at each stage the consignment is scanned.

This is because your order might be passed through different carriers on its journey toward you.

The “Standard Shipping” factor also means that not all carriers will use the same tracking number that you received from Shein.

They will use their own number allocated to the shipment. For example, a linehaul operator in charge of shipping items overseas will track a combined shipment loaded onto a pallet using just one consignment number.

You will not receive updates as your order makes its way toward you while it is with this carrier.

Choosing a premium shipping option with a more comprehensive tracking ability is recommended.

Customs is Checking the Package

customs checking a package

If the shipment has reached the customs clearance stage of its journey, (either when leaving the origin country or entering the destination country), there can be delays.

Even when everything is in order it can take several days to pass through customs.

That being said, if any issue has arisen such as documentation errors or tax and duty owed, the recipient should be contacted.

Again, if more than 10 days pass without an updated alert you have reason to start making inquiries.

Note: Tax Fees to Clear Customs

fees and charges

Shein deliveries have been known to run into problems, (and the tracking not updating) when stuck at customs awaiting payment of additional tax fees.

In this situation, the tracking page will indicate that an SMS and email have been sent with the relevant details.

However, if the wrong phone number was attached to the order or the email ends up in the recipient’s spam folder, payment details to cover the fee will be lost.

If this occurs you will need to contact the carrier service or Shein to find out how to pay the holding fee.

General Logistical Issues & Delays

snow plough traffic and snow storm

Your Shein shipment tracking can also not be updated due to more general logistical issues.

Vehicle malfunction, technical issues with a facility, staffing problems, or simply bad weather; all of these will impact the progress of the shipment.

If your package is delayed reaching the next point in the journey that will initiate a scan, your tracking will not update.

What to do When Shein Tracking not Updating

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Use a Universal Tracking Service

The first step to take when it seems that your tracking is stuck is to type the number into a universal tracking service.

There are many online, (17Track & ParcelsApp being our recommended choices). This will then scan hundreds of carriers to see if your tracking number details are listed.

In other words, if a carrier has scanned your item and the details are available, this information will be presented to you.

Also, if you haven’t tried already, punch the tracking number into the tracking page of the carrier that is responsible for the final delivery. 

It could be that your shipment has arrived in the destination country and the service in charge of last-mile delivery has it.

Note: In Transit- Arrived at Local Courier Facility

Some Shein customers have complained that their order has been held up with USPS and stuck on “In Transit- Arrived at Local Courier Facility”.

This indicates that the item is in the destination country (USA) and that USPS has it.

Contacting USPS (or the applicable destination country postal service) is the recommended step here.

They will be able to provide information on why the consignment is being held in the facility.

Contact Shein Customer Services

customer services

The next step if the above reveals no new information is to contact Shein customer services.

If enough time has passed since the start of the shipment, a representative will contact the shipping service to provide an update on the package location.

If it transpires that it is in fact missing, Shein will organize a refund or a replacement item sent, depending on your preference.

Contact the Shipping Company Direct

girl on laptop with phone

Your Shein order receipt should clarify which carrier service has been used.

Therefore, if your Shein Tracking is not Updating you can contact the carrier service, and cite the tracking number and the delivery address to see if they can help.

The carrier may have more information on the delay and where the consignment actually is.

Of course, Shein will have gone through the same process if you have already contacted them. Reaching out to the carrier yourself is still worthwhile.

Wait Longer for Further Updates

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Finally, if your Shein tracking is stuck you can opt to wait longer for a further update.

It is good to have realistic expectations in line with the shipping option you have chosen.

If your order is a standard shipment, you will have to be prepared for long transit times and a lack of tracking.

Waiting longer for more information (or ultimately what can be the final delivery) will reduce stress and frustration until the item either arrives or action has to be taken.

As the Shein website states on the shipping info page:

“If your package has not been delivered or your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered but you have not received it, you must contact Customer Service to verify within 45 days of the order date. For other orders, products, and logistics-related issues, you must contact customer service within 90 days of the order date.

in other words, if the order isn’t successfully delivered, you are covered for a substantial amount of time.

Just make sure that you make contact with customer services within these time frames.

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