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Arrived at Local Facility – Shein Tracking Guide

You’ve recently made an order from Shein and you’ve received an “Arrived at Local Facility” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and how far away is it from delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrived at Local Facility Shein

This update from Shein is triggered once the package has arrived at the local carrier facility at the destination address. Delivery to the recipient should take place within 2 to 3 days of receiving this alert.

Arrived at Local Facility Shein – Guide


Good news, you have received an “Arrived at Local Facility” update on your Shein tracking page. This means that your order is near you.

In this situation, the “Local Facility” is the sorting center belonging to the carrier that will complete the delivery.

I live in Croatia and I order items from Shein regularly. 

When I see the “Arrived at Local Facility” update I know that DPD in Zagreb now has my package. Normally it is inside the facility for between 24 to 48hrs.

During this time it is sorted and assigned a driver for delivery. 


At this point, I actually receive a text from DPD stating that a package will be with me within the next few days.

In my experience, it is the morning of the very next day that I receive a text stating that delivery will take place later that day.

Obviously, this does differ depending on the carrier that Shein uses within the destination country. Yours may well be different from DPD.

However, when you receive the “Arrived at Local Facility” update you at least know that your package is close.

How Long Until Delivery After an “Arrived at Local Facility” Alert

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In my experience, you should receive your package within 3 days of the update.

As described above, however, this does depend on the efficiency of the carrier used and I would assume to some extent the location of the local facility in relation to the destination address.

A wait of 5 days until delivery could occur if there is a backlog at the facility or a driver shortage. Holiday package volumes would also have an impact.

Tracking Stuck on “Arrived at Local Facility” Shein

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If your Shein tracking remains stuck on this update for more than 7 days you have reason to begin making inquiries.

First, you should start by contacting the local courier that is in charge of final delivery. The package is seemingly stuck in their facility after all.

If you do not have this information within your Shein tracking page, you could try placing the tracking code into a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.


When I have grown impatient with a Shein delivery, and look to see if any other updates have been triggered, I normally do this.

Very often the tracking apps can provide more information than Shein does.

Least of all, the name of the carrier currently responsible for the shipment.

If you receive no helpful information from the carrier, you will need to contact Shein customer services instead.

Final Words

Arrived at Local Facility - Shein

Despite the doom and gloom of the last couple of sections, (package stuck, making inquiries), for the most part, your package should reach you not long after this update.

The fact your local carrier now has it means that the next step really is just being sorted and assigned a truck for delivery.

When all goes to plan, your Shein order will be with you in a day or three. 🙂

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