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Tracking Guide: “In Dispatch” Meaning Shein

You’ve recently ordered some new clothes from Shein and you’ve received an “In Dispatch” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

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“In Dispatch” Meaning Shein

The “In Dispatch” tracking update from Shein means that a shipment is being prepared for the next stage of its journey. Essentially, the package is “In Dispatch” mode, before it is once again in transit toward the destination. This update can be triggered at various times during a Shein shipment. 

“In Dispatch” Meaning Shein

This is actually quite a confusing update from Shein.

Generally, “dispatch” is used by carriers to signify that an order is being prepared for shipping.

In an eCommerce context, it describes the time that the order is being packaged, and labeled, and the documents for International transit written up.

Once all this has been completed, a carrier will send a “ready for dispatch” tracking update, (or words to that effect).

Then, once the shipment has been handed over to the carrier responsible for shipping, you might see a “dispatched” (note the past tense) tracking update.

Shein doesn’t abide by this system at all.

There are specific updates that describe the order preparation stages, (International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging, for example), and once the item has been dispatched to the carrier for transit, “package shipped” is used.

However, “dispatch” is not used in any alerts early in the shipment process.

So What Does “In Dispatch” Mean With Shein?

“In Dispatch” Meaning Shein

Essentially, Shein uses the “In Dispatch” update later in the shipment journey when the package has to be prepared for its next leg.

It is sporadically used mind you and seems to signify more of a process and a transfer between modes of transit.

From the screenshot example above the package is Durban (SA). It is inside a facility there and is in dispatch mode waiting to be loaded onto road-based delivery after arriving at the seaport via cargo ship.

The shipment is in “In Dispatch” mode while this transfer takes place.

Tracking Stuck on “In Dispatch”

package stuck

Frustration understandably arises when the Shein tracking ends up stuck on “In Dispatch”.

As covered, the alert can be triggered throughout the shipment journey, and if it takes a long time for a newer update to be sent, customers imagine that the entire shipment is stuck.

There are a couple of things to consider before you reach for the phone or email Shein.

The first is that Shein gives a window of anything up to 30 days on deliveries, (even more, if the destination address is in a country with low order volumes).

This means that even if the tracking is stuck, if you are only a week or so into the potential shipment duration, Shein will likely advise that you wait longer if you contact them.

Secondly, with the “In Dispatch” alert suggesting the package is going through a transfer in transit modes, this is more logistically intensive. 

It can naturally take a little time for this process to be complete, and you may not receive another update until the package reaches a destination where it can be once again scanned.

Essentially, patience is key with Shein.

And if the days turn into weeks without further updates, you can legitimately contact Shein here.

Final Words

Overall, the “In Dispatch” update from Shein means that the package is in dispatch mode while it is being prepared for the next leg of its journey.

This can be confusing in terms of the common use of “Dispatch” for carrier tracking, but hey, Shein is a massive company. It clearly feels that it can make up its own rules.

Now that you have a better idea of what it means, however, you should be able to follow the progress of your shipment with ease.

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