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Dispatched To BO – What Does it Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery and have received a “Dispatched to BO” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what do you do if it is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Dispatched to BO

The “Dispatched to BO” tracking update means that the shipment has been dispatched to the “Branch Office” (B.O). It is an alert used by India Post and means that the package is on its way to the Branch Office (i.e. the post office), closest to the recipient’s address.

Dispatched to BO – Guide

warehouse branch office

Once you know that B.O. stands for Branch Office, this tracking update becomes relatively self-explanatory. 

Of course, it is also important to understand that when India Post states Branch Office, they are actually referring to the post office close to the destination address.

The fact it has been dispatched to the B.O. means that it is currently on its way to the branch office.

The package has likely just left a major sort facility or hub owned by India Post and is now in transit to the post office that services the recipient’s area.

The next step will be acceptance at the local post office before the item is bagged and prepared for final delivery.

Where is your package when you receive the “Dispatched to BO” Update?

Dispatched to BO

As explained above, your item is on its way to the post office closest to the destination address.

Tracking Stuck on “Dispatched to BO”

dispatched to BO

Depending on the distance between the hub that the package just left, and the branch office the item is being sent to, your tracking may remain stuck on this update for 2 to 3 days.

While the package is in transit to the Branch Office and awaits the next scan inside the BO, there will be no new alerts.

Therefore, it is important to give this process some time.

Furthermore, any delays such as vehicle malfunction, weather, or technical issues will mean the parcel will take longer to arrive.

High volumes of packages inside the branch office could also mean that it takes time for the item to be scanned and a new update created.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck on “Dispatched to BO”

India Post LOGO

If more than three business days with no new update on the package, I recommend that you contact India Post.

A representative should be able to provide information on the delay and begin making inquiries as to the whereabouts of the package.

India Post can be contacted here.

Tracking Alerts After “Dispatched to BO”

Dispatched to BO

The alerts you receive, once the item reaches the BO, include: “Item Bagged”, “Item Dispatched”, and “Out for Delivery

Again these are relatively self-explanatory. Item Bagged means that the package has been sorted and bagged inside the branch office.

Dispatched means that it has been released from the BO and out for delivery, which means that it is on the truck for final delivery to the destination address.

Final Words

Overall, the “Dispatched to BO” alert is a good one to receive. It means that the item is on the last leg of the journey to the branch office closest to the recipient.

Once it arrives there it will be sorted and dispatched for final delivery.

When all goes according to plan the item will be delivered in just a few days.

Anything longer than this and you should call India Post for more information.

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