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What Does the “Accepted by Carrier” Update Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve ordered an item from AliExpress and you have received an “Accepted by Carrier” tracking update.

What does this mean? How close is your package and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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What does “Accepted by Carrier” Mean?

The “Accepted by Carrier” tracking update means that the package has been handed over to the carrier service in the origin country, (China for AliExpress Orders). Essentially, the package is on its way to the air or seaport before leaving for the destination country.

Where is My Package After an “Accepted by Carrier” Update?

As explained in the definition above, your package has yet to leave the origin country when you receive this update. In other words, there is still a long way to go.

Accepted by Carrier

The next step is custom clearance and departure from the origin country.

The following alerts correspond to these processes and will help confirm that the package is progressing as it should.

  • An “Inbound / Outbound in Sorting Center” status would inform you that the package has arrived at the carrier’s sorting center in China and will soon enter the customs clearance process at the export location.
  • A “Departure from Outward Office of Exchange” is a notification that the package is being prepared for its export customs security scan.
  • A “Received by Line-haul” update is an alert corresponding to the fact the package is about to leave the origin country.

These are the status updates that inform you that the package has successfully completed the first part of its journey, i.e the export phase.

Bear in mind, however, that AliExpress tracking within China can be sporadic at best. You may receive all the relevant updates informing you of progress, you may receive very few.

This doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving, it just means that the status updates are not being created.

In short, you still have a long wait when you receive the “Accepted by Carrier” tracking update. AliExpress Standard shipping packages from China to the USA can take between 2 to 6 weeks.

My Order is Stuck on the “Accepted by Carrier” Update

Accepted by Carrier

There are a number of reasons your package might be stuck on the “Accepted by Carrier” tracking status.

No Further Updates or Scans

The first is that no further updates are being created, despite the fact your package is working through the delivery infrastructure and could even be in transit towards the destination country.

AliExpress Combined Delivery

Another reason is that your item might be part of a Combined Delivery from AliExpress

Combined delivery is an option some AliExpress vendors offer customers so that they can benefit from lower-cost shipping.

Here, the seller sends the packages from their warehouse and AliExpress combines them with other items that have been purchased within a designated logistics center.

This way, the shipment is sent in bulk with the other items at a reduced rate. 

However, there can be a delay between the “Accepted by Carrier” status and the next step as the combined delivery is put together. This will make it seem as if your item is stuck on the update.

Issues with Export (Documentation and/or Delays)

Although the export procedure is generally quite smooth and AliExpress sellers send international shipments on a daily basis, problems can arise.

This could be due to documentation, general delays at the export location, and other factors.

All of this combined can cause a hold-up between the carrier receiving your package and the departure from the origin country. 

What to do if Your Order is Stuck on the “Accepted by Carrier” Update?

First and foremost it is important to be patient with AliExpress shipments and the associated tracking alerts. 

In many ways, it is good practice to just try to ignore the tracking for the early stages of the shipment. 

This is especially true of seabound shipments which can take weeks to be delivered.

If you suspect that a problem has occurred you can raise a dispute with the seller through AliExpress within the 60-day Buyer Guarantee period.

The length of this guarantee is an indication of the long delivery times you are dealing with.

However, as long as you raise the issue within 60 days, you will be covered if the item does not arrive.

Final Words

The “Accepted by Carrier” status alert is a standard update that AliExpress uses to notify buyers that a package has left the seller’s warehouse and is now in the hands of the carrier responsible for the export.

The shipment is still very much in its beginning stages, so patience is recommended. Delivery is still a long way off.

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