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Shipping Information Received by APG – Tracking Guide

You’ve expecting a delivery via Australia Post Global and have received a “Shipping Information Received by APG” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipping Information Received by APG

This update means that the sender has made an order with APG and that the “Shipment Information” has been received by the carrier. When the alert is triggered, a tracking number has been assigned to the shipment, however, the physical package is still with the sender.

Shipping Information Received by APG – Guide

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A lot of carriers use tracking alerts similar to this and the situation is the same throughout.

Essentially, once a sender has made a shipment order with the carrier (in this case Australia Post Global), the alert is triggered.

At this stage, a tracking number will be assigned to the package and APG will have knowledge of the shipment (weight, intended destination, etc) within its database.

However, it is important to understand that the package is still with the sender when the alert is sent.

APG only knows about the shipment, it doesn’t have the physical package.

The shipping information has been received by APG, but until the sender hands it over to an APG driver, or drops it off at a service point or drop box, this alert will remain.

What Happens if Tracking is Stuck on This Update?

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It is highly likely you are checking the meaning of this update because your tracking is stuck.

So what should you do?

Firstly, it is a good idea to understand why this tracking alert is not updating to show progress.

Delay in Sender handing Package to APG

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This is the most common reason for your APG tracking not updating.

Quite simply, the sender hasn’t handed over the shipment to APG.

Whether it’s due to dragging their feet on packing up the item for dispatch, or stock/staffing delays, (in an Ecommerce situation)… if there is a problem in getting the item to APG you will not receive any new updates.

The package isn’t moving after all.

Delay in APG Collecting & Scanning the Package

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Another reason stems from issues with APG rather than that of the sender.

If APG is delayed in picking up the package, or they have failed to scan it upon pick-up, you will see the “Shipping Information Received by APG” alert for longer than normal.

In fact, if the pickup scan is missed, you will not see a new update until the package has arrived at the APG sorting facility and is scanned there.

Depending on the distances involved and the volume of packages being processed at the facility, this could amount to several days of waiting until you receive a new alert.

How Long Before Should You Be Concerned?

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In light of the above, I recommend that you wait between 3 – 5 business days before you begin to grow concerned about the progress of your package.

It can understandably take a day or two for the sender to dispatch the package after making the shipment order. 

It can also take time for the item to enter the APG delivery network and reach far enough to receive its first physical scan.

Allowing sufficient time for this will mean you can avoid annoying customer service wait times, (and essentially being told to wait longer for an update).

What to Do if Your Tracking Really is Stuck?

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Of course, there will come a time when your package really does seem to be stuck.

No new updates are coming your way.

If this is the case, your first step should be to contact the sender to ensure that the package has been dispatched to APG.

If the answer is no, you have reason to be annoyed and can find out why the sender is taking so long.

If the answer is yes, the sender should actually be concerned enough to contact APG.

They are the ones that made the shipment order after all, and carriers generally prefer to deal with the initial customer; especially in the early stages of delivery.

If the sender is less than helpful, you will have no choice but to contact APG yourself.

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