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What Does “Parcel eManifested for Departure” Mean? (Australia Post)

You’re expecting a delivery from Australia Post and have received a “Parcel eManifested for Departure” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your mail item when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Parcel eManifested for Departure

The “Parcel eManifested for Departure” status update means that the shipper has created a label for the parcel and Australia Post now has a shipment manifest in its system, (i.e details of where the parcel is going and the service speed to be used). However, at the point the update is triggered the parcel is still with the sender. Australia Post has yet to handle the parcel for a physical scan.

Parcel eManifested for Departure – Guide

This update is one you can expect to receive at the beginning of the shipment journey.

Whether it is an eCommerce delivery or otherwise, in situations where the sender orders a delivery online, Australia Post will create a tracking number and manifest for the order before the physical package has entered the delivery infrastructure.

In other words, the item could still be in the sender’s warehouse or home when the “Parcel eManifested for Departure” alert is triggered.

This update is basically telling you that the sender has created an order with Australia Post for the parcel to be sent.

What Happens After the “Parcel eManifested for Departure” Update?

Due to the fact the sender has now created the order with Australia Post, they will now need to prepare the item for departure.

This will involve attaching the shipping label to the item and arranging pick up or drop off with Australia Post. 

For example, a large eCommerce company may have a business relationship with Australia Post where items are picked up in bulk from the warehouse on a daily basis.

Third-party carriers may also be used to cover transit from the warehouse to the Australian Post facility.

In the case of smaller enterprises or a single item shipment, the sender may simply deliver the parcel to their local Australian Post office and drop the item off in person.

Whatever method is used, Australia Post will not have the parcel within its delivery infrastructure until the sender has handed it over to the postal service.

Tracking Stuck on “Parcel eManifested for Departure”

Parcel eManifested for Departure

There are a number of reasons your tracking might be stuck on “Parcel eManifested for Departure”:

Delay in Australia Post Receiving the Mail Item

The most obvious, (and the conclusion that most customers jump to), is that the sender has been delayed in getting the parcel into the hands of Australia Post.

As explained, an updated scan will not occur until the postal service has the mail item within its delivery infrastructure, (i.e a driver responsible for picking the item up, the post office, or facility).

If the sender does not do this in a timely manner, your tracking will be stuck on the original “Parcel eManifested for Departure” update.

Delays Within Australia Post’s Delivery Infrastructure 

Another reason occurs when Australia Post actually has the physical item, yet delays have prevented it from being scanned.

Everything from technical issues, high seasonal volumes, and facility backlog, (and during the pandemic staffing issues) can cause your parcel to sit inside an Australian Post sorting facility, and be delayed in getting scanned.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck?

Parcel eManifested for Departure 1

This question depends on the shipping method ordered.

If your tracking is stuck on the “Parcel eManifested for Departure” status alert for more than two days on an expedited delivery service you should contact the sender to confirm that the item has been sent by them, (and not still sitting in a warehouse). 

If the answer is yes, you will need to contact Australia Post customer services to find out what the delay is.

On economy service speeds you will understandably need to give the sender and carrier more time. However, if the tracking is stuck for approaching 5 business days I recommend you begin making enquires as stated above.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Parcel eManifested for Departure” tracking update is telling you that the sender has made a shipment order with Australia Post.

It is at the very beginning of its transit journey, and further alerts will be triggered once the carrier has the item within its delivery infrastructure.

If this doesn’t happen, you will need to contact the sender and possibly Australia Post to see what the delay is.


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