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What Does “Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from Australia Post and have received a “Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your mail item when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post

The “Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post” tracking update means that a sender has notified Australia Post that they intend to send a parcel, (via printing a label online for example), however, at the time the alert is sent, the postal service does not have the physical item within its delivery network.

Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post – Guide

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Essentially, this update is created once a sender has made an order to post a parcel and Australia Post has accepted the terms of the shipment.

Upon accepting the order a tracking number is created within the Australian Post database.

However, the physical package still remains with the sender, or more precisely, has yet to be scanned by the postal service.

Only after the sender has posted the item or handed it over to a driver and it has made its way to the post office or sorting depot will the package receive its first physical scan.

At that point, the parcel has been received by the Australian Post delivery network and new updates will be triggered.

Package Stuck on “Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post”

Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post

You may have reached this article because you’re expecting a parcel and your tracking is stuck on this update.

This can be a problem for both the sender and receiver.

If you’re the sender and you know that you have handed the package over to the postal service, you will be wondering why it hasn’t received its first scan.

You may have posted it days ago. In fact, the recipient is now contacting you wondering if it has been shipped yet. Where is it and what is Australia Post up to?

As the recipient, you may also be getting frustrated. You might have opted for faster delivery for instance, or you need the package to arrive by a certain date and you’re wondering if it has even been shipped yet.

Long story short, the lack of new updates is frustrating.

Why the Tracking Might be Stuck?

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There are actually 3 main reasons the tracking is seemingly stuck on this update:

1. Sender Has Yet to Post The Package

The sender literally hasn’t handed the parcel over to Australia Post. The shipment has yet to begin, the postal service doesn’t have it and the first physical scan cannot take place.

2. Delays at the Sort Facility

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Australia Post has the parcel but there has been a delay in it receiving the first scan.

Everything from mechanical issues transporting the parcel to the depot, large seasonal mail volumes inside the depot, to staff shortages during Covid, would cause a delay in the parcel being scanned.

The result is, you will not see any new updates for several days.

3. Scanning Errors

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A miss-scan can also cause the tracking to be stuck. The package has made its way through the network to the next link in the delivery chain, but no scans and updates were created. 

You may only receive new alerts as the package makes progress toward the destination address.

What To Do if Your Tracking is Stuck?

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As the recipient, your first step is to contact the sender to confirm that the item has in fact been shipped.

If yes, you should then have the sender contact Australia Post to chase the whereabouts of the delayed package. You could also make direct contact yourself.

As the sender, you will either need to ship the package to Australia Post if you haven’t already done so. 

If you have and the tracking is stuck for more than 3 days, you should contact the postal service to find out more.

Final Words

Overall, the “Shipping Information Approved by Australia Post” is a standard update that shows the postal service is aware that a sender intends to ship a parcel.

The package has yet to physically enter the delivery network. Once it does and reaches the sort facility or post office for its first scan, a new update will be created.

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