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PSC Milton Keynes – All You Need to Know

Today we are going to have a good look at the PSC Milton Keynes (Parcel Sort Center Milton Keynes).

What is it? What happens there? And what do you do if your package ends up stuck inside it?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Parcel Sort Centre (PSC) Milton Keynes

PSC Milton Keynes is a large parcel sorting centre operated by Royal Mail. This 310,000 sq ft centre opened in 2020 and is one of the largest in the UK. Due to the high volume of packages that flow through the centre (especially during the festive season), slow processing times inside PSC Milton Keynes have been an issue.

PSC Milton Keynes – Complete Guide

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We’ll get straight to the point of why you have reached this article.

The chances are, you have Googled “PSC Milton Keynes” because your package seems to be stuck here.

Your tracking shows that the parcel has arrived at PSC Milton Keynes and then you have experienced radio silence afterward.

Welcome to the black hole that is Royal Mail, PSC Milton Keynes.

Unfortunately, what you are seeing (or not seeing in the case of no new updates), is either the result of two possible scenarios…

1. Package Stuck inside PSC Milton Keynes

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As mentioned in the summary, at 310,000 sq ft, PSC Milton Keynes is one of Royal Mail’s largest sorting centres in the country, (only HDWC is currently larger).

Tens of thousands of packages arrive at the centre every day. 

Because of this, it does not take much for a backlog to occur and for packages to be delayed.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your item get “lost” in the pile, so to speak, it can take days sometimes even weeks for the parcel to be sorted and dispatched to the next location in the delivery network.

This applies to both international and domestic packages, and whether the item is at the beginning of the shipment journey, or is close to final delivery.

The irritating issue is, the package isn’t really lost. It’s just stuck inside an enormous warehouse and is waiting to be sorted.

2. Lack of Tracking Updates

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Customers that are experiencing the PSC Milton Keynes black hole, have also reported that upon contacting Royal Mail, they are told the issue stems from lack of tracking updates.

This is more common on international packages, however, if your item is not updated after leaving PSC Milton Keynes, and is then shipped overseas, this will explain the long period of no new alerts.

In fact, customer services have stated that you may have better luck using the tracking search of the postal company in the destination country.

I can recommend a different approach that can shed light on both a domestic and an international package that isn’t updating, however.

Universal Tracking App


I use a universal tracking app all the time when locating parcels that are seemingly stuck, (i.e. where the tracking isn’t updating).

I won’t go into the causes of why this happens here, however, if you type your tracking number into a free service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp, it may reveal more information about the location of your parcel.

With any luck, it isn’t actually stuck inside PSC Milton Keynes. It’s just that Royal Mail isn’t tracking it. 

A universal app will search hundreds of carrier databases to find tracking information relating to your parcels, that may exist elsewhere.

It won’t always work, but it is worth a try.

Tracking Repeatedly Stating Item Received: PSC Milton Keynes

Item Received: PSC Milton Keynes

Another issue that is common is seeing the “Item Received: PSC Milton Keynes” alert multiple times.

This, unfortunately, is an indication that your parcel is flowing through the sorting centre in a less than efficient manner.

Essentially, it is going around in circles as it is scanned into different areas of the warehouse.

Eventually, it will be dispatched onto a truck that will take it to the next step in the delivery network, (i.e. it will depart PSC Milton Keynes).

However, until that happens, you may see the “Item Received: PSC Milton Keynes” more than once.

What to Do if Package Stuck in PSC Milton Keynes

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If your package is stuck inside PSC Milton Keynes, or you are receiving updates that signify it is going around in circles, I am afraid there is little you can do.

Patience is a virtue in these circumstances.

Obviously, if the sender has purchased an expedited service speed and guaranteed delivery times have been stated, you should contact Royal Mail if this window is passed.

You can even contact Royal Mail without such guarantees, it is just that the response will be less helpful.

Standard options take time, and you will be told to just wait longer.


In fact, a recent Reddit Post shows a Royal Mail customer services response to an international package stuck inside PSC Milton Keynes. 

“An item being sent to Europe is only considered lost if it’s not delivered within 20 working days after the date it was due to be delivered. For an item going to the rest of the world, it’s 25 working days…. Experience tells us items can still arrive within these timescales.”

In other words, on a standard international parcel, you will need to wait at least 3 weeks before Royal Mail with either look into the situation or take the fact that it may be lost, seriously.

The bottom line is, if your package is stuck inside PSC Milton Keynes, you are not alone and you might have a several-week wait on your hands before the item is delivered or you can start a lost package claim.

Even then, only the sender can make such a claim.

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