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Is Sunyou Tracking Fake? All YOU NEED TO KNOW

Is Sunyou Tracking Fake? If you have been on the (non) receiving end of Sunyou carrier services you have very good reason to think this.

Today we are going to look into what Sunyou is, why so many eCommerce vendors in China use them, and ultimately why there are so many unhappy customers.

Let’s take a look…

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SUMMARY: Is Sunyou Tracking Fake?

Sunyou Tracking isn’t fake, it is just very unreliable. The Sunyou tracking code assigned to a shipment only works while the item is in China (or the relevant origin country where Sunyou is in operation). Even then, package scans and updates can be scarce.

What is Sunyou?

Sunyou (or the Shenzhen Sunyou Cross-border Logistics Co., Ltd) is a carrier company with its main headquarters located in Shenzhen, China.


Address: 9R/9F, Building A, Guanghao International Center, Minzki Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen.

The company also has facilities and offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Yiwu.

Due to it being an economy-priced carrier company, it has proved very popular with AliExpress vendors looking to ship items to customers in the west for a low cost.

However, this has left many customers very dissatisfied with the service. All too often tracking alerts on a consignment are at best inaccurate, at worst non-existent.

Furthermore, there are countless reports online of packages never actually arriving, leading to customers having to go through the dispute process via AliExpress.

So, is Sunyou Tracking Fake?

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Sunyou tracking is not fake, exactly, it is just very poor.

We have created an article all about the types of Sunyou tracking updates you may or may not receive when the carrier is responsible for your package, here.

As covered in the summary above, Sunyou will only scan and track a consignment when it is in China, (or a relevant origin country).

When the tracking is working well, it should tell you when an item has left a Sunyou facility, when it is in transit and when it has arrived at the port of exit.

However, this does not always happen.

Situations That Make Sunyou Tracking Seem Fake

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Tracking not Updating

The first situation is the most common. Although the package is (albeit slowly) working its way through the Sunyou delivery infrastructure, the tracking does not update.

The consignment is missing scans and the specific location of the item remains unknown to the recipient.

Consignment Delayed and Wrong Tracking Sent

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There is also the scenario that your package is actually held-up and delayed, however, the consignment that it was attached to, (i.e the bulk shipment) is moving and you are receiving updates for that instead.

Both of which are frustrating and confusing in equal measure.

Old or Wrong Sunyou Tracking Number Used

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You also have the situation where a vendor sends the customer an old tracking number (either by mistake or not bothering to wait for the real details to arrive from Sunyou).

This too will lead the unfortunate customer to think Sunyou Tracking is fake.

No Tracking Updates Once the Shipment Leaves the Origin Country

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Finally, not all customers realize that Sunyou tracking stops working once it leaves the origin country.

As stated on the Parcelsapp website, (a service that helps customers track Sunyou shipments); 

When the goods cross the border, the SunYou track is canceled and a new untraceable tracking ID is assigned to it in the destination country.

If you are unaware of this fact, you will rightly assume the Sunyou tracking is extremely lackluster (or fake) and does not provide the information you need, (which ultimately it doesn’t).

Sunyou Packages Not Arriving

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The final issue we will look into regarding Sunyou and one of the reasons that customers go as far as saying that the entire company is fake is the number of undelivered items.

As mentioned, Sunyou is an economy international shipment service. Average shipping times from the far east take 3 to 6 weeks, and tracking is poor.

The items are transported by sea cargo and in bulk shipments. The end result of all of this is that a lot of consignments go missing.

Whether the cause is theft, damage, or poor logistics (it is actually a combination of all three), this low-cost operator will not always ship items successfully.

Ultimately, AliExpress vendors know this however they are willing to take the risk. The low price obviously outweighs the unsatisfied customers and the potential claims process.

This is clearly a shame and is one of the negatives of using such eCommerce platforms.

What to do if Your Sunyou Package Doesn’t Arrive?


If you discover that your AliExpress order is being shipped by Sunyou, our recommended approach is to ignore the tracking, be prepared for a long wait, and DEFINITELY be aware of your BUYER’S GURANTEE PERIOD

Aliexpress offers 60 days. If your item doesn’t arrive within this time span, using the guarantee to open a dispute to get your money back is the best course of action.

Good luck. Although Sunyou’s tracking is not fake and the company is very real, they are just not particularly good at what they do. You have been warned.

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