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Unreliable Tracking: Is Yodel Lying About Delivery?

You’re expecting a package from Yodel and you have received an update that states that an attempted delivery was made.

Only thing is, you’ve been in all day waiting to receive the item. And no note has been left.

Is Yodel lying about delivery?

Or maybe Yodel has stated that delivery was successful and you haven’t received a thing. What’s going on? Is Yodel tracking reliable?

Let’s take a look…

Guide: Is Yodel Lying About Delivery?

delivery man

Yodel’s reputation in the U.K. could be better. It is a widely used carrier and customer complaints are easy to find online.

A major issue that seems to arise often is the reliability of the tracking and the drivers responsible for delivery.

This manifests itself in two frustrating problems, which actually lead to customers thinking that Yodel is lying about delivery.

The first is drivers stating that they attempted delivery when in truth they did not arrive at the destination address. The second is saying that the package was delivered when it is nowhere to be seen.

We’ll now look at each, in turn, to see how feasible it is that the Yodel driver outright lied.

Is Yodel Lying About Delivery Attempted Delivery?


If the Yodel tracking states that an attempted delivery was made and a delivery note can be found, this is proof that the driver was at the address and did attempt delivery.

The recipient wasn’t there to collect and the driver could not find a safe place.

When no note is left, customers shouldn’t jump straight to the conclusion that the driver lied about the attempted delivery.

It could be that the package was left with a neighbor, or maybe the note was left with someone else in the household.

Essentially, the recipients should make the relevant checks; talk to family members and neighbors to ensure that a note or package was not received by someone else.

For reference, if you do find a note (called a Yodel Calling Card), a green one means you should call or text the Yodel driver to discuss another attempt at delivery.

An orange calling card means you need to make arrangements using the Yodel tracking page.

Finally, if no card is found, Yodel should attempt to make the delivery again the next business day.

Is Yodel Lying About Delivery (And the driver has it)?

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A more sinister complaint that a small minority of customers have accused Yodel of is stating delivery was successfully made when in fact it was not.

Here, in its extreme, it is implied that the driver fakes the signature and then keeps the package for themselves. Theft basically.

In one online post, the customer suggests this has happened, that the driver was interviewed and that Yodel insists everything was above board.

Does Yodel lie about delivery in this context? It is hard to say unless it happens to you.

If you suspect that this has happened, you should first explore all other possible avenues before making any accusations. i.e, check that the item wasn’t left with a neighbor or other household member.

You should also contact Yodel or if possible speak to the driver, to see if the item was left outside the premises and is lost or stolen.

In any case, if you do suspect foul play by the driver, they will need to be contacted (either via official channels through Yodel or direct if you do happen to have the contact details), so more information about the circumstances of the delivery can be provided.

Final Words

delivery van

Essentially, a driver lying about an attempted delivery is not uncommon.

If they didn’t make it to the address in time throughout the working day or wanted to finish early, stating that they reached the address when they didn’t is more of a white lie than an all-out crime.

I am not condoning it, as it’s clearly frustrating. However, it obviously happens.

A driver stating that the delivery was successful, forging a signature, and keeping the package is far-fetched. I don’t believe many drivers would risk potential arrest and be sacked by pulling this stunt.

Some customers believe it happens, but it seems highly unlikely.

12 thoughts on “Unreliable Tracking: Is Yodel Lying About Delivery?”

  1. On 3 occasions this year I had delivery’s book for a Saturday all different retailers every time by lunch time it was still at depot every time their wen chat said it was loaded and the driver would be leaving soon then every about 1 pm tracking would say addition address info needed and the first line of my address would be missing every time Yodel blamed the retailer I knew this would happen again when I saw it was Yodel making today delivery

  2. On Sunday I had an email saying yodel had delivered a package. I was home all day . After a complaint via online chat on Wednesday they apparently came to my house whilst no one was at home collected the parcel to return to retailer. During chat to someone called Danish was told they look into the missing parcel and email me within 24hrs

    • I had the same I’m really angry about yodel. Their services have gone down hill. Like myself now I’ve had a few problems with them but I’ve managed to solve 2 but today’s is my littlewoods catalogue, they won’t change the courier service so I’m stuck with yodel and 4 missing parcels with no attempt of delivering, I have had somebody in my house all weekend whilst at work I have had, no card just emails saying delivered not even a picture the signature used for the so called parcel I had today was porche bloody porche I would rather a picture of delivery and the card.

  3. Same, the yodel emailed me 6.30 am saying delivery I went out my door no delivery no card no van on my street. Yes yodel are thieves not every customer is lying like myself, I am fuming they leave parcels on door without signatures before with me and now the delivery half 6 when delivery by law should not start till 7am. Avoid yodel if you can

    • Same , I’m also fuming with Yodel, they dump my parcels on my doorstep why won’t they use my safe place??? My front door is on a public footpath anyone can just steal my parcels if I’m out. Yodel are a disgrace. What’s wrong with people.

  4. Yodel e mail saying parcel would be delivered before 9 pm yesterday absolutely nothing. Msg saying driver couldn’t gain access to the property absolute rubbish as someone was in all day there are no access difficulties as we are in a bungalow. I am not impressed and want to know what is going on

  5. Yodel said they delivered my package. According to Argos there is even a picture and it was left with someone whose name I have never heard of. No attempt was made at my door as I have a doorbell camera. They are looking into it apparently. They are disgraceful

  6. Yep – say been delivered, not even an attempt at a photo of someone else’s doorway, web chat tells me to contact eBay.
    Lies lies and lies again.

  7. I sent a parcel to a customer using Yodel, but it was not delivered. I raised an enquiry and they said they would search for it. Nothing happened for a few weeks, then suddenly the tracking showed it being loaded onto a van and delivered, but it was not.
    I spoke to someone on the live chat who told me that actually the parcel had not been delivered because they could not find it, and the thing about it being delivered was “old tracking information that has not been updated” (??).
    So yes, they lie about delivery.

  8. The problem is that most Yodel employees are recent arrivals from the third world who feel that this country owes them some kind of debt, and as a result they will steal packages or destroy them for fun. Unfortunately, it’s a reality of the 2020s that before shopping online, you need to get in touch with the retailer and verify that they are not using Yodel or a similarly compromised courier company.

  9. Was told my package would be re routed to a local drop shop as I requested,two days running it was out for delivery…it wasn’t, I use the same shop it’s not been delivered as the driver is always there around 10am , Saturday at 9pm I get an email stating it’s been delivered to said shop that shuts at 7! Call in Sunday ,guess what no parcel, I know the shopkeeper well he says they scan in the parcels to get paid , then instead of it being in Sheffield from the local branch it then shows it’s been in alfreton depot 25miles away…they really are liars and theives ,these are vans trainers which are expensive , unfortunately they have the logo on the parcel , I suggest they ship plain boxes and use a reputable courier ..know reply from yodel a week later..don’t buy anything onliine if they use yodel and evri tbh I’ve had to claim money back a dozen times from companies 9 ‘lost’yodel 3 to evri scandalous they can still trade


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