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What Does “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” Mean?

What Does “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” Mean? This is an update you will receive when expecting an international shipment to arrive.

It is also normally reserved for packages being sent out of China and the Far East. Does it mean your package is on its way or should you expect a delay?

Let’s take a look.

Uplifted from Transshipment Hub – Meaning

“Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” Means that your package has been temporarily stored at a transshipment hub while it awaits loading onto the next mode of transport.

In most cases, it means that your package is now being loaded onto another cargo ship to continue its onward journey.

What is a Transshipment Hub?

Uplifted from Transshipment Hub

To get a full handle on what an “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” means, it is necessary to understand what a Transshipment Hub actually is.

Essentially, a Transshipment Hub is the terminal at a major shipping port that handles containers from container ships. Containers are stored temporarily at a Transhipment Hub while they await transfer to another ship for the onward journey.

When your package tracking states that it has been “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub”, it means that the temporary storage of the container is over and that your package is being loaded, (within that container), onto another cargo ship.

The cargo at Transshipment Hubs is transported onward to other ports, rather than being shipped inland via rail, road, or waterway.

What to do When you Receive an “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” Update?

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There is no action that you need to take when you receive an “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub” update.

You are being made aware that the package and its container have been loaded onto another cargo ship and are on the next stage of their journey.

Essentially, you still have what could be weeks for your item to arrive.

What to do if the Update is Stuck on “Uplifted from Transshipment Hub”

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It is very common for this update to be the last alert you will receive for quite some time.

The cargo ship the container has been placed on could be making its way to the destination country.

Depending on the distance this could take weeks before the item is unloaded and scanned for a new update.

This means that if your package remains stuck on this update, the main thing you should do is be patient and wait.

If several weeks pass and you receive no updated alerts, you should contact the shipper and/or the shipping service used to handle the package delivery.

What does “Uplifted TO Transshipment Hub Mean”?

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Finally, it is worth mentioning what an “Uplifted TO Transshipment Hub” means.

If you have received this update, it simply means that your package has arrived at the Transhipment Hub and the container has been uplifted from the ship onto the port terminal where it will await transfer onto the forwarding cargo ship.

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