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“Departed From EPC Warehouse” – Wish Tracking

You’re expecting an order from Wish and you have received a “Departed From EPC Warehouse” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Departed From EPC Warehouse

The “Departed From EPC Warehouse” tracking alert means that the package has left the Export Processing Center in the country of origin, (Wish ships from China). The package has cleared export customs and will soon be in transit toward the destination country.

Departed From EPC Warehouse – Guide

Departed From EPC Warehouse

Essentially, this is a good update to receive.

It means that your Wish order has passed through the pesky process of customs clearance in the country of origin (EPC stands for Export Processing Center), and will soon be in transit toward the destination country.

Note the use of the word “toward” there.

In some cases, the package may pass through an intermediate transit country on the way to the destination country, (i.e will not fly direct).

Much the same as a passenger journey from China to the west, a package will often stop and change planes at a certain point on the way to the destination.

What Happens After a “Departed From EPC Warehouse” Update?

Airplane being loaded

Once the package has left the export processing center it will be handed over to the line haul carrier in charge of shipping the item overseas.

Wish generally used air freight, so this line haul operator will be the airline responsible for transporting the package.

If an ultra-budget carrier has been used, the line haul operator could be a service connected with container shipping instead.

Either way, your package is essentially inside a warehouse while it awaits to be loaded on the mode of transport that will ship it overseas.

Tracking Stuck on “Departed From EPC Warehouse”

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Let’s face it, you have probably reached this article because your Wish order tracking is stuck on this update.

It has been several days and it seems as if your package isn’t moving.

Taking the above sections into account, it is important that you assess your expectations and make sure they are in line with the delivery window stated by Wish.

Depending on the shipping that has been used, Wish shipping times to the USA range from 5 to 21 days.

Your package is close to the beginning of the shipment journey when it departs the EPC Warehouse.

departed from EPC warehouse

Essentially, I would only recommend contacting Wish if the delivery window is drawing to a close, and you have not received any new updates or signs of imminent delivery.

When you consider that it now has to wait for an available plane, then be shipped overseas before it might receive another scan, it is clear that a wait of 7 to 14 days for all of this to take place is not unusual.

Make contact too soon, and you will simply be told that the package is on its way and that you should wait longer.

Wish will not make enquires on your behalf if there are still multiple days left until the estimated delivery dates.

Using a Universal Tracking App


Although you can track your Wish order within your Wish customer account, where no progress is being shown, it can sometimes help to use the tracking number you have in a universal tracking app.

A free online service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers.

If more information is being shown elsewhere, (due to your item having been handed over to a new carrier after it departed From the EPC Warehouse), these apps will find it for you.

It doesn’t always work, but it is worth a try if you are not receiving any new updates.

Contacting Wish

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Finally, you may reach a stage where there is no sign of your package, no new updates have been triggered and the estimated delivery date has passed.

Here you will have no choice but to reach out to Wish.

To this end, Wish customer services can be reached here.

All orders have a buyer’s guarantee and you will be able to claim your money back or receive a replacement item should the original never arrive.

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