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“Arrived at Carrier” Wish Tracking Guide

You’re expecting an order from Wish and you have received an “Arrived at Carrier” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: “Arrived at Carrier” Wish Tracking

The “Arrived at Carrier” tracking alert of a Wish package comes early in the shipment process, (normally after first-mile handling). It is triggered when the package reaches the carrier facility inside the origin country and before it is handed over to the line haul for overseas transit.

“Arrived at Carrier” Wish Tracking – Guide

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When you receive the “Arrived at Carrier” update from Wish, you know that your package is moving as it should.

In most cases, it will have already passed what is called first-mile transit and sortation (i.e the service that has picked up the item from the Wish product warehouse) and has now physically arrived at the carrier responsible for the shipment inside the origin country.

From here, the package will be sorted inside the facility and will head to the export location, (airport or sea cargo port depending on the nature of the shipment order).

What Happens After the “Arrived at Carrier” Update?

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Once the package leaves the origin carrier facility (you may receive a “Departed from Carrier” update to signify this), the package will arrive at the transit hub or EPC (export processing center).

Here the item will be prepared for overseas transit (customs clearance etc) and will be assigned an aircraft or cargo ship for this step.

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Delays may occur here as the process does take time.

After this, the package will be in transit to an intermediate transit country or the destination country.

Tracking Stuck on “Arrived at Carrier”

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To be honest, Wish orders rarely get stuck at the stage of the first origin carrier facility.

It may take a few days to be sorted through the warehouse, (high package volumes being the most common culprit of any delay), but your item should depart the facility within a reasonable amount of time and be on the way to the export location.

However, if you do experience radio silence in terms of tracking for over 7 business days, you may want to contact Wish or the seller to find out why.

The tricky part here is that Wish orders do take time (anything between 5 and 21 days depending on the shipment speed used).

On the long end of this spectrum, (i.e 3 weeks), you will be told to wait longer if you make inquiries too soon.

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This is because Wish tracking (and the carriers used) are not always particularly reliable when it comes to alerts and updates.

In other words, your package could well be progressing through the delivery network and you are just not receiving any updates to inform you of progress.

In any case, should the delivery window begin to draw to a close, you clearly have every right to contact Wish to find out where your package is.

In the event that the carrier has lost the package or a major issue has occurred en route, you will be eligible for your money back or a replacement item sent.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Arrived at Carrier” is a standard update that means your package has reached the next stage of the shipment process.

It is now inside a carrier facility in the origin country (China).

It is still at the beginning of its journey to the destination, however, so patience at this stage will still be necessary.

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