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“Departed from Carrier” Wish Tracking Guide

You’re expecting an order from Wish and you have received a “Departed from Carrier” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Departed from Carrier – Wish Tracking

The “Departed from Carrier” status alert from Wish means that the package has departed a carrier facility in the origin country. The next step will be in transit to the export location, (or Export Processing Center (EPC) warehouse), before shipment overseas.

Wish: Departed from Carrier – Guide

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This update is triggered early on in the shipment journey.

After completing first-mile transit (i.e being picked up from the Wish seller warehouse or fulfillment center), the package will arrive at the first carrier facility, (triggering the “Arrived at Carrier” update).

The item will then be sorted within this facility to be grouped with other shipments headed to the same destination country.

After this, the grouped consignment will be loaded onto a truck and will leave the facility.

At this point, the “Departed from Carrier” alert will be sent.

Now, the package will be in transit to the export location within China.

What Happens After the “Departed from Carrier” Update?

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As mentioned above, the package is in transit immediately after you receive this update.

It will be inside a truck, (sometimes even an aircraft flying between domestic locations within China).

In either case, the package is moving toward the export location inside China.

This location is called the Export Processing Center or departure transit hub.

(Some carriers will also describe this via updates such as “Inbound at Sorting Center“, and “Receive item at Office of Exchange (OTB)“, to name but a few).

After clearance, the package will be handed over to the line haul operator responsible for the overseas transit of the shipment.

Tracking Stuck on “Departed from Carrier”

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There is a good chance you have reached this article because you have performed a Google search on this update.

You’re annoyed because the tracking has become stuck and you don’t know why.

First of all, Wish orders can take significant time to be delivered. If your tracking is stuck for only a few days, you really shouldn’t be concerned.

It is also worth considering the next step in the delivery network after you receive the “Departed from Carrier” alert.

The package can be in transit for several days as it reaches the export location.

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Furthermore, upon arrival, it can sit inside a warehouse before it goes through the clearance process.

Throughout all of this, you will not receive any new updates.

Taking all this into account, I would recommend that you ignore the lack of updates for at least 7 business days before assuming that something has gone wrong.

After this period of time, you have two proactive steps that you can take.

Use a Universal Tracking Service


The fact is, Wish uses low-budget carriers based in China for the first part of the shipment.

These carriers will often provide less than reliable tracking and in some cases stop tracking altogether once the package leaves China.

It could be that a scan and update were missed when the item reached the export location, and is now in the hands of the line haul service, flying through the air to the destination country.

To check this, you can enter your tracking details into a free service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

Essentially, if another carrier service has scanned your item and is providing updates, a check using a universal tracker will show this information.

It is definitely worth seeing if your package is moving before you contact Wish.

Contact the Seller / Wish

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If the above check reveals no new information and it really seems as if your package is stuck, you should contact Wish and/or the seller.

You will be able to do this via your Wish user account dashboard.

However, I do recommend you wait at least a week into the shipment (sometimes even more if the delivery window is stated as much as 21 days), before making contact.

Start inquiries too soon, and you will just be told that the item is on its way and that you need to wait longer.

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