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Your Parcel is Being Held in Our DPD Depot

You’re expecting a package delivery from DPD and have received the “Your Parcel is Being Held in Our DPD Depot” status alert.

What does this mean exactly? Why is your package being held, and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

What Does The Update Mean?

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Essentially, this update is a catch-all alert that means DPD is holding a package at the depot before it begins the next stage of the shipment process.

The problem lies in the fact the package could be held for several reasons.

It could be held inside a local depot because of a failed delivery that day, it may also be held inside a depot due to increased volumes impacting dispatch times.

Incorrect address or customs issues can cause a package to be held inside a DPD depot.

I shall break down the various reasons now.

Why is My Package Being Held?

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I shall start with the issues that generally do not require input from the recipient.

Failed Delivery Attempt

If the DPD driver cannot deliver the package on the daily round, (whether attempted or otherwise), the item will be returned to the local DPD depot at the end of the working day.

This will trigger the “Your Parcel is Being Held in Our DPD Depot” alert so that the recipient knows that DPD still has the package.

However, you should also receive a notification about any attempted deliveries, as well as be given the opportunity through that notification (via a link) to reschedule a delivery, or simply wait for the driver to attempt again the next day.

In other words, the package is simply being held until the next business day.

Increased Volumes / Logistical Issues

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In situations where the DPD network is stretched with high volumes, or struggling due to logistical issues (staffing, weather problems, etc), you may also receive the “Your Parcel is Being Held in Our DPD Depot” alert.

There is little you can do in any of these scenarios.

DPD is stating that the package remains at the depot (is being held there), with the subtext being, until the carrier can continue the shipment progress.

In other words, it is just a waiting game. Delivery will resume soon enough, you just need to hold on a bit longer.

Incorrect or Incomplete Address Details

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Now we are getting into areas where you will need to act to get your package moving again.

If DPD suspects that the address is wrong or incomplete, it will be held at the depot until more information comes to light.

The important point here is to keep an eye on your tracking for further instructions, and/or contact DPD if the package does not move again for a few days, (which would rule out any of the above possible causes).

Customs Clearance Problems

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Customs clearance problems are another cause for a package being held inside a DPD depot.

If the package is being shipped internationally, it may undergo a mandatory inspection by customs authorities.

This process ensures that the contents comply with import regulations and do not pose any security threats.

A hold on a shipment during customs clearance can result from incomplete documentation, discrepancies in declared values, or random inspections.

Again, keeping a close eye for further information (DPD or customs should contact you concerning any issues) is necessary.

And if at all in doubt, contact DPD customer services yourself. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive.

Final Words

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Overall, encountering the “Your Parcel is Being Held in Our DPD Depot” alert may be annoying, but a lot of the time, it is nothing to worry about.

Patience while you wait for the shipment to start moving again is recommended.

In cases where extra information or a reschedule is required of the recipient, supporting tracking updates will make that apparent.

When in doubt, contact DPD to find out more.

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