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UPS: The Delivery Date Will Be Provided as Soon as Possible

You’re expecting a delivery from UPS and have received a “The Delivery Date Will Be Provided as Soon as Possible“ tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? How far is your package from delivery and what do you do if it gets stuck?

Let’s take a look…

What Does the Update Mean?

The “Delivery Date Will Be Provided as Soon as Possible” alert from UPS is sent after unexpected circumstances prevent the carrier from accurately predicting the delivery date. This can include issues such as severe weather conditions, logistical challenges, or other unforeseen events. 

Factors That Can Trigger the Alert

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There are a number of factors that can trigger this tracking update from UPS.

Before I list them, it is important to understand that your package won’t necessarily be late as a result.

More on that later, however.

Here’s what may have happened for your UPS tracking to be showing this update.

1. Weather Conditions

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Extreme weather, including storms, hurricanes, or heavy snowfall, can disrupt transportation networks, causing delays in the delivery process.

2. Logistical Challenges

Issues within UPS’s logistical operations, such as increased shipment volumes or disruptions in the supply chain, may lead to delays.

3. Technical Glitches or System Errors

Occasionally, technical glitches or system errors within the UPS tracking system can lead to inaccuracies in delivery date estimates.

The alert may be triggered as a precautionary measure until the system is updated with the correct information.

4. Customs Clearance Delays

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If your package is an international shipment, it may be subject to customs clearance.

Delays in this process, which can be caused by documentation issues or increased scrutiny, may prompt UPS to issue the alert until the situation is resolved.

5. Unforeseen Events

Situations like accidents, natural disasters, or global events (e.g., pandemics) can impact the normal flow of package deliveries.

6. Route Optimization

UPS constantly optimizes delivery routes to enhance efficiency.

The alert might appear when the system is recalculating the most optimal route for your package, especially during peak delivery periods or sudden changes in demand.

Will Delivery Be Late Now?


As I briefly mentioned above, while the alert indicates a delay in providing a specific delivery date, it doesn’t necessarily mean your package will be delayed.

The fact UPS is sending this alert means they are actively working to resolve any issues and get your shipment back on track.

This often means aiming to ensure that delivery is fulfilled within the time frame of the original shipment order.

However, the fact the delivery date remains uncertain does mean you should keep an eye out for more updates.

What Can You Do?

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That brings me nicely to the next section about steps you may want to take after receiving this alert.

  1. Monitor Updates: Regularly check the UPS tracking page for real-time updates on your package’s status. Once a delivery date is confirmed, you’ll want to know about it.
  2. Contact UPS: If your package is time-sensitive or you have concerns about the delay, consider contacting UPS customer service for more details and assistance and to further expedite things if necessary.
  3. Alternative Delivery Options: Explore alternative delivery options, such as redirecting your package to a UPS Access Point or rescheduling delivery, if available.

Overall, I would recommend that you don’t panic when you see this update.

The fact UPS knows there might be an issue and is taking steps to rectify these is a positive sign.

In most cases, your package will arrive within the stated delivery window.

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