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DPD Missed Delivery No Card – What Should You Do?

You’re expecting a parcel and you’ve encountered a DPD missed delivery but left no card situation.

What exactly should you do now? Where is your package and how do you receive it?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: DPD Missed Delivery No Card

In situations where DPD missed delivery and no card is left (either electronically or physically), there are several steps you can take. First, visit the DPD tracking page to see if any further details are there, secondly, check with your neighbors to see if the driver has delivered or left the parcel there. Finally, if no not-at-home card is left, you will need to contact DPD.

DPD Missed Delivery No Card – Guide

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Essentially, if the DPD driver is unable to deliver due to no one being at the destination address, a “Not-At-Home” notification card should be left.

This can come in the form of a physical card left at the address, and/or an email (depending on whether DPD has your contact details).

These cards will provide details of whether the parcel is being left with a neighbor, information about a potential drop-box delivery nearby, or if the package will be returned to the depot with redelivery taking place the following working day.

What Happens if No Card Has Been Left by the DPD Driver?

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So what should you do if you return home to find out that the DPD has missed delivery and didn’t leave a card?

First, you will need to make sure the card hasn’t been left someplace else around the property, (if access to the postbox was restricted), or that anyone else at the household hasn’t picked it up.

If you can receive notifications electronically, (text msg or email) ensure that the means to do so are working and that you have checked for any potential alerts.

Once you are positive that no card was left (or has since been lost), you should head to your DPD Package tracking page to see if an alert has been provided notifying you of the next steps.

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This could have been updated with details of the item being left with a neighbor or at a drop box etc.

With this information, you will be able to act accordingly.

If the tracking page provides no further details, your next step should be to visit your neighbors to see if the DPD driver left the parcel with them.

Finally, if there is no sign of your package after these steps, you should contact DPD.

Contacting DPD for a Missed Delivery No Card

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You can contact DPD via these details.

A representative should be able to shed more light on the current situation.

If the driver still has it, they will attempt to deliver the following business day.

However, if the package has been dropped off at a DPD Pickup Parcelshop, customer services will be able to give you details of the location and when and how you can visit to receive your item.

DPD state that they will give you 7 days in which to do this before the package is potentially returned to the sender.

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