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What is “Ding Hong” in USPS Tracking?

You’re expecting a USPS delivery and have received a “shipping partner Ding Hong” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Who or what is Ding Hong, and when can you expect your package?

Let’s take a look…

What is Ding Hong?

Ding Hong, is a shipping company rooted in Hong Kong. With warehouses and fulfillment centers in China, Ding Hong handles a substantial volume of packages annually, particularly those destined for the United States through its collaboration with USPS. 

Why Am I Seeing Ding Hong in my USPS Tracking?

Inside a chinese fulfilment center

The process is relatively simple. 

If you live in the USA, and you place an order with a Chinese retailer that utilizes Ding Hong, you will see the details of the carrier within the tracking of your item.

Essentially Ding Hong is orchestrating the fulfillment process. This includes picking, packing, and shipping items from their Chinese facilities.

However, because USPS is the stateside shipping partner of Ding Hong, it is aware of the shipment and its progress from the very beginning.

The crucial juncture occurs when the package crosses international borders, arriving in the United States.

At this point, USPS will take over and be responsible for the delivery of the package.

Are There Any Risks with Ding Hong?

Carrier Risks

Encountering “Ding Hong” on your USPS tracking screen is not cause for concern.

The relevant Ding Hong tracking alerts signify that Ding Hong is the shipper on record, responsible for handling the package until it is handed over to USPS.

It’s a standard feature for e-commerce orders shipped internationally via postal services, providing visibility into the origin facility and helping customers pinpoint when the package enters the USPS network.

As already mentioned, this will take place upon arrival in the USA.

While other foreign shippers like Yanwen, China Post, and Japan Post also make appearances on USPS tracking, Ding Hong stands out as one of the largest and most prevalent shipping companies for packages bound for the United States from China.

In short, if you see Ding Hong within your tracking you do not need to worry about it being a scam.

The carrier is a legitimate service and is a shipping partner with USPS.

What to Expect with a Ding Hong / USPS Shipment

USA China Logistics

So, what should you expect if the name Ding Hong crops up on your USPS tracking page?

Common queries include:

1. Transit & Delivery Times

On average, packages shipped from Ding Hong to USPS take approximately 10-20 days for delivery from China to the United States.

This includes handling and transit on both Ding Hong and USPS’s ends.

2. Tracking Updates

Customers should anticipate limited tracking updates until the package reaches the U.S. and undergoes scanning by USPS.

Ding Hong doesn’t provide detailed interim updates during the package’s transit through China.

3. Customs Clearance

Ding Hong takes care of customs paperwork on the Chinese side.

However, customers should be aware that their package might experience additional delays during U.S. customs clearance after arriving stateside.

4. Contact Details

If you have any issues you can contact Ding Hong at (For full contact details, head to the Ding Hong website).

However, USPS is recommended for contact once the package arrives in the U.S.

Also, shipping problems can be taken up with the e-commerce retailer that you ordered from.

If your package doesn’t arrive or is lost, you should start with the retailer to claim compensation or for a replacement item to be sent to you.

Final Words

The appearance of “Ding Hong” on your USPS tracking is not something to be concerned about.

It indicates Ding Hong’s role as the shipper responsible for delivering the package to the USA.

As USPS and Ding Hong are shipping partners (in that USPS will be responsible for the final delivery of the item shipped out of China by Ding Hong), the tracking information includes details of both carriers.

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