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Amazon Package Delayed in Transit – Complete Guide

You’ve ordered an item on Amazon and you have received an “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” update.

What do you do now? Is your package lost? Are you entitled to a refund or compensation?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Amazon Package Delayed in Transit

The Amazon “Package Delayed in Transit” status update means what it describes, the package has been delayed while in transit to the destination address. The issue is logistical in nature rather than any problem with the package contents, or buyer/seller oversight.

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What to do When You Receive an “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” Update?

Firstly, Amazon recommends that you continue to track your item and wait for another 48 hours for the package to arrive.

This is because many instances of package delays will self-rectify if given enough time.

Essentially, the package will still arrive within the guaranteed delivery date that has been set by Amazon. It’s just not as fast as originally stated.

What is the Amazon Delivery Guarantee?

Amazon Delivery Guarantee

A large number of items sold on Amazon come with a delivery guarantee.

The policy means that Amazon will refund all shipping fees if your package is not delivered by the guaranteed date.

There is also scope to claim more than this if you have been adversely impacted by the delay, (more on that below).

When guaranteed delivery is available on an order, Amazon will state the details on the checkout page, with the associated delivery date and cost.

You will also find the guaranteed delivery date in the email receipt that you receive from Amazon once you have purchased the item.

This same email will also contain details of the purchase, (price, seller information), as well as the tracking number.

Essentially, if you have received an “Amazon Package Delayed in Transit” update, yet the guaranteed arrival date has NOT passed, you should wait.

Amazon will not be in a position to do anything until this date has passed.

What to do Once the Guaranteed Delivery Date has Passed?

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Now, you should contact Amazon Customer Services for further information on where your package is and discuss the next steps.

The Amazon delivery guarantee allows for a refund on the shipping costs.

However, at this point, it is possible to begin the process of claiming a full refund if the item has been delayed due to Amazon’s error.

Note: The policy does not offer this level of compensation on items sold by Marketplace or third-party sellers.

This will allow you to cancel the original order and purchase the item from another seller.

If a full refund is not available at this stage, there are different levels of compensation open to Amazon customers.

Types of Compensation Offered


Compensation for packages that fail to arrive within the delivery window varies.

It seems Amazon deals with situations on a case-by-case basis, and it can really depend on how much you complain.

Examples include:

  • Prime members can claim a free month of membership
  • $10 promotional credit
  • 25% off the next purchase
  • Free shipping on the next purchase 

Amazon strives to make its customers happy. It has been one of Jeff Bezos’ mantras since he started the company.

This means there is some scope to make a complaint if your package has been delayed in transit, and the delivery window has passed.

How Can U.S. Customers Complain to Amazon About a Package Delay in Transit?

Amazon Package Delayed in Transit

As we have mentioned, before you contact Amazon customer services it is important to wait for the promised delivery date to pass.

If your aim is to claim a full refund on the missing package it is also necessary to wait for a further 48 hours after the guaranteed date for Amazon to potentially issue that refund.

While you wait you should double-check that all address details were entered correctly and that there has been no mistake on your end.

Once you are ready to make a complaint about a Package Delay in Transit, you can use the Amazon website chat function.

There is also the option of Amazon customer services, at 1-866-216-1072.

You should have your order number, account details, and phone number available when you make contact.

How Can UK Customers Complain to Amazon About a Package Delay in Transit?

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Amazon UK offers similar details in the email receipt that you receive upon purchasing an item. This includes an expected delivery window.

Amazon UK also uses a “package is delayed in transit” alert. The same factors we have mentioned above in terms of compensation apply here too.

However, you will need to visit the Amazon UK website chat function. The phone number for Amazon Customer Services is 0800 279 7234.

In situations where Amazon was not responsible for the delivery of your item, (3rd party sellers may use carriers such as Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL), you will need to contact the carrier for information on the package location.

Causes for an Amazon Package Delayed in Transit

Amazon Package Delayed in Transit

To wrap things up, let’s look at some of the reasons your package may have ended up delayed in transit.

Essentially, logistical delays come in all sorts of guises. From bad weather to high volumes and backlogs, to issues with international shipments coming from overseas.

With millions of packages transported every day, damage, loss, and theft are other problems.

All said and done, it is amazing that such a high percentage (95% in Jan 2021 according to Statistica) of packages do arrive on time.

That being said, it is frustrating when it happens to you. Now you know what recourse is available when your Amazon package is delayed.

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  1. I have had a package delayed from Amazon 4 times in the last 6 months. Always it was being shipped by USPS and all times the package was lost. If they were ever found I don’t know. I had to cancel the orders and reorder from Amazon. In all instances the 2nd order arrived promptly.

  2. I have one that the vendor sent me because of a good review but they didn’t put the correct order number on it so Amazon can’t find it in there system. I have the tracking information and that was able to look it up but they said that they can’t do anything about it to connect the vendor. I contacted them and they gave me an order number but I haven’t called Amazon back yet because they are so hard to understand (sounded like they were in China)


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