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What Does “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” Mean? (4PX Express)

You’re expecting a package from AliExpress and have received a “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” tracking alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured

The “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” status alert is an update used by 4PX. It means that the carrier has received the shipment from the sender and it is inside the 4PX sort facility. Measured basically means that the package has had a physical scan.

Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured – Guide

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The “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” tracking update occurs at the beginning of an AliExpress shipment when the 4PX carrier is used.

Although this carrier has facilities around the world, for the majority of AliExpress shipments it only operates internally within China.

In other words, the carrier will not be responsible for overseas transit.

4PX normally takes care of the delivery between pick up from the seller and drop off with the line-haul operator in charge of cross-border shipping.

Where is Your Package When you Receive the “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” Alert?

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When you receive this update your package has been picked up from the seller and is inside the 4PX sort facility.

Here it will be dispatched to a relevant export location in China, (airport for air cargo, seaport for travel via cargo ship).

The carrier responsible for overseas transit will vary, however, 4PX works with a number of international parcel delivery providers, including Aramex, FedEx, and TNT.

The speed and efficiency of the cross-border transit will also vary depending on the service level used and the carrier involved.

My Tracking is Stuck on “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured”

Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured

There is a very good chance that you have reached this article because your tracking is stuck on “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured”

This is actually relatively common. There are two main reasons your tracking might seem to be stuck.

Delayed Inside the 4PX Facility

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The first reason is that your package is simply being held up inside the 4PX sort facility while it waits for an available plane or ship with the carrier responsible for shipment overseas.

If you have opted for AliExpress standard delivery, which states delivery times of 15 to 45 working days, it is clear that even if the package is held inside the 4PX facility for 2 or more weeks, delivery could still happen inside such a long window.

In other words, economy shipments take time and if your tracking is stuck for several weeks inside the first facility of its journey out of China, it is not unusual. Long wait times are to be expected.

You’re Not Receiving Tracking Updates

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Another common issue that can make it seems as if your tracking is stuck, is looking in the wrong place with your tracking details.

Remember, 4PX is used as an intermediary carrier that handles the shipment for a short time while it is still in China.

It is not uncommon for 4PX to have sorted and dispatched the shipment to the line-haul operator or third-party carrier, without you receiving a final tracking update to confirm this.

From that point on, you would need to search the tracking database of the appropriate carrier to receive any more alerts.

If you don’t know who this carrier is, try using a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp. These free services will search the databases of hundreds of carriers.

If a new carrier has scanned your package and has further information on its location, these apps will be able to find it.

Next Steps After the “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” Alert

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Under normal circumstances, the next step for your package is being handed over to the carrier responsible for cross-border transit.

You should be notified of this event via a “Depart from facility to service provider” status update.

After this, you may or may not receive further updates from 4PX, (see the section above about universal tracking apps).

If you do, you can expect alerts such as “Arrived at Hong Kong hub”, (i.e a hub facility at the export location) and “handed over to customs/airline” (for customs clearance and overseas transit).

How Long Will my Package Take to Arrive After a “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” Alert?

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As mentioned, your shipment is at the beginning of its journey when you receive this alert. Furthermore, how long the delivery will take is dependent on many factors.

Service speed, whether it’s air or sea cargo, and the details of the shipment in terms of contents and clearance documentation, will all have an impact.

If yours is an AliExpress order, you should be prepared for a long wait. 45 business days amounts to over 2 months.

I would recommend that you try to ignore progress for the lion’s share of that time frame.

Only start making inquiries as to the location of the package when your buyer guarantee starts to run out, (AliExpress offers up to 60 days).

If your package hasn’t arrived within that time, you will have grounds to make a claim.

Final Words

4PX is an intermediary carrier operating within China for AliExpress shipments.

When you receive the “Shipment Arrived at Facility and Measured” update it simply means that 4PX has received the item from the seller, and has given it its first scan within the sorting facility.

The shipment journey has only just begun, mind you, so patience is definitely required.

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