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What Does “Leaving Transit Country” Mean? (Tracking Status Guide)

You’ve ordered an item from China and you have received a “Leaving Transit Country” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when this status is sent and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Leaving Transit Country

This tracking alert means that the shipment has either left or is about to leave an intermediate transit country, (i.e. a country between the origin and destination countries). Depending on the shipping service used this could be via air, sea, road, or train network.

Leaving Transit Country – Guide

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I’ll get straight to the point of the matter. It is very likely that you have reached this article because your tracking has become stuck on the “Leaving Transit Country” status alert.

You received this update over a week ago now, (maybe even more) and no new information is forthcoming. Understandably you are wondering where your package is.

There are two main variables at work here that can be causing the tracking to not update.

The first is the type of shipping service, (i.e. the mode of transport being used), and the second is whether a logistical delay has actually occurred.

1. Mode of Transport

Leaving Transit Country

If your shipment has been stuck on the update for a disproportionate length of time, it could be that it is traveling by sea cargo ship.

Standard delivery orders from AliExpress for example (which the platform states can take anything between 15 and 45 days to deliver), will often travel via container ship.

These ships pass through transit countries en route to their destination. The “Leaving Transit Country” alert means just that, the package will be leaving the transit country from the point the scan was taken.

cargo ship

However, sea cargo can take several weeks to reach the next port.

In all that time your package will be inside a container with no new scans (and therefore updates) being completed.

The fact that the “Leaving Transit Country” alert is the last one you received makes it seem the package is actually stuck.

In reality, it is trudging slowly through the South China Sea (or some other location) on its way to the port.

At which point it will receive another scan and you will finally have a better idea of where your package is.

2. Logistical Delays

cargo port and ships

Another potential problem is that a “Leaving Transit Country” is not a confirmation that the item has actually left the transit country.

It simply means it has been scanned within the transit facility and has been allocated a plane/container ship for departure.

In most cases, this means it has yet to be loaded onto the outbound mode of transport.

Essentially, this leaves room for error and logistical delays. Everything from too many shipments on the plane, to technical issues to items being waylaid, can cause your package to not leave the transit country.

There will be no scans to communicate the issue, your tracking will simply not update until the shipment actually does leave the transit country and is scanned within the landing country.

What to do if Your Package is Stuck on  “Leaving Transit Country”


Your options are limited if your package ends up stuck on this update.

For the most part, it is a waiting game. Even expedited delivery services from China can be slow and have mediocre tracking accuracy (at best).

The two main suggestions I have are to use a universal tracking app and keep an eye on your buyer protection periods.

Universal Tracking App


By using a tracking app such as 17Track and ParcelsApp, you will be able to see if any other carriers have scanned your package and are responsible for transit.

This is helpful when your tracking is no longer updating because you are actually searching for details in the wrong carrier database.

Buyer Protection Periods

If you have ordered an item from an eCommerce platform such as AliExpress, Wish, or Shien you will have a buyer protection period that allows you to make a claim when an order doesn’t arrive.

Where a package doesn’t update past the “Leaving Transit Country” update and you suspect it might be lost, you can open a dispute with the sales platform (and seller) for your money back or a replacement sent.

Similar Updates to “Leaving Transit Country”

Leaving Transit Country

Carriers have different alerts that essentially mean the same thing. In the case of “Leaving Transit Country”, similar updates include: “Parcel Outbound From Transit Facility“, “Departed Transit Country”, and “Depart from Transit Office of Exchange“.

What Happens After a “Leaving Transit Country” Update?

When the delivery process goes smoothly, the next update you should expect to get (assuming the package has landed in the destination country) is “Arrived at Destination Country“, or “Arrived at Airport of Destination“.

Final Words

Overall, the “Leaving Transit Country” status alert is a standard alert that informs parties that the shipment has left an intermediate country on its way to the destination country.

Depending on the mode of transport used, the next update could be a few days away or several weeks away.

If it seems your item has gone AWOL you should use a universal tracking app to see if any more details are available.

You will also need to pay attention to your buyer protection period to ensure you are able to make a claim should the package never arrive.

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