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4PX Tendered for Delivery – Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a package and have received a “4PX Tendered for Delivery” tracking alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and how far is it from delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: 4PX Tendered for Delivery

The “4PX Tendered for Delivery” status alert is triggered when 4PX utilizes a carrier or postal service in the destination country, to complete delivery to the recipient.

4PX Tendered for Delivery – Guide

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This is a very common outcome for 4PX deliveries.

The fact that 4PX is used predominantly by China-based eCommerce platforms and vendors means the carrier is responsible for cross-border transit out of the Far East.

However, when the package reaches the destination country whether in Europe, the USA, or elsewhere it often makes sense for 4PX to hand over the item to one of its shipping partners.

This could be a postal service such as USPS in America, or Royal Mail in the U.K. It might also be a third-party carrier company such as UPS.

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Essentially, where 4PX does not have sufficient logistics infrastructure, or where it makes economical sense to use a shipping partner, the package will be delivered by a third party.

This comes at no extra cost to the recipient or sender and is a normal part of the delivery chain.

Where is My Package After a “4PX Tendered for Delivery” Alert?

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When the alert is triggered you know that 4PX has arranged for a separate carrier to complete last-mile delivery. 

The exact location can vary in terms of whether the shipment is still inside an international processing center, or is actually on its way to a facility belonging to the carrier that is now responsible.

What you do know is that the package is reaching the latter stages of the shipment journey.

Once the package is with the provider responsible for delivery, you should receive your item within 2 to 3 days.

How to Track Your Item After a “4PX Tendered for Delivery” Update?


While your 4PX tracking page should keep you updated with progress once the item is with a third party, this does not always happen.

After all, 4PX is no longer scanning the package once it is with the new carrier.

If you experience radio silence and feel that progress is no longer being reported, your best course of action is to use the tracking number within the tracking page of the carrier that will complete delivery.

If you do not have this information, you can use a universal tracking app such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

These free online services will scan hundreds of carrier databases for potential details of the shipment.

It’s Been Several Days and Still no Sign of Delivery!?

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If after receiving the “4PX Tendered for Delivery” status alert several days go by and no tracking updates are forthcoming, (as well as no delivery of course), you should consider contacting 4PX or the carrier responsible for final delivery.

I would recommend waiting at least 5 business days after receiving the update, however.

This is simply because any delay in the item reaching the last-mile carrier, or hold-ups within its delivery network, will cause this outcome.

Braving the customer services departments of these services is only worth doing once a suitable amount of time has passed.

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