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Shein Next Day Delivery – Is it An Option?

Shein Next Day Delivery, is this an option? You’ve just made your order and you need it to be delivered as a matter of urgency.

Has Shein followed in Amazon’s footsteps and offered next-day delivery to its customers?

Let’s take a look…

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Shein Next Day Delivery – Summary

Shein does not offer the Next Day Delivery. Shein has three shipping options that are dependent on location in terms of speed of delivery. Even where Shein may have your order in stock in a local warehouse, there is a 1 to 3-day processing time before the order is dispatched.

Shein Next Day Delivery – Full Guide

So we have established that Shein, unfortunately, does not have the ability to deliver the next day. Even when the item can be sourced locally, (i.e is in stock inside a fulfillment warehouse in the country where you live), next-day delivery is not available.

However, Shein does offer three types of shipping options; Economy, Standard, and Express. Mind you, whether you have access to all three is dependent on your location.

For example, I live in Croatia. When I order anything from the Shein website I only have access to standard shipping options.

The situation is different for friends that I have in the U.K. and America. Shein offers all three shipping options to those living there.

So if Shein does not offer next-day delivery, the next best shipping option available is Express. Does this come anywhere close to the next day?

Shein Express Delivery vs Next-Day Delivery

Unfortunately, Shein Express delivery is a long way from the next day. The table below will highlight just how long you will have to wait for a Shein delivery, even when using their fastest shipping option.

CountryDelivery TimeCost
Canada13-18 Days Express ShippingCA$26.00 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over CA$129.00)
France10-12 Days Express Shipping19,90€ Express Shipping
Hong Kong6 Days Express ShippingFree Shipping
Singapore9-12 Days Express ShippingS$3.00 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over S$80.00)
Spain13-15 Days Express Shipping44,90€ Express Shipping
United Kingdom10-14 Days Express Shipping£12 Express Shipping
(Free for orders over £100)
United States8-12 Days Express ShippingExpress US$12.90

As you can see, Express Shipping for a U.K. customer will still lead to a potential 10 to 14-day delivery window, (plus 1 to 3 days processing time).

Customers in the U.S. have to wait between 8 and 12 days. This is far from the next-day delivery options offered by other online platforms such as Amazon.

There is a key difference, however. You may or may not know that the majority of Shein products are sourced from China. Furthermore, most of Shein’s stock is stored in warehouses based in China.

To shorten delivery times, Shein holds trending stock in warehouses located in key regions and markets (Europe and North America, for example.)

However, this doesn’t stop those average express shipping times from creeping up to two-week periods, and even more, if delays are encountered.

Even locations much close to China such as Hong Kong take up to 6 days when Express shipping is chosen. Put bluntly, if you need your order delivered within 24 hours, Shein is not the e-commerce store to use.

Shein Standard Shipping vs Next-Day Delivery

As can be expected, standard shipping is even worse when compared to next-day delivery offered by other platforms.

CountryDelivery TimeCost
Australia14-16 Days Standard ShippingAU$7.95 (Free orders over $29)
Austria13-15 Days Standard ShippingFree Shipping
Canada9-15 Days Standard ShippingCA$6.95 Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over CA$49.00)
Croatia8-20 Days Standard Shipping22,79€ (Free orders over 118,06€)
Denmark14-18 Days Standard Shipping5,90€ (Free orders over 9,00€)
France16-18 Days Standard Shipping3,90€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 39,00€)
Germany14-17 Days Standard Shipping3,50€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 39,00€)
Italy13-16 Days Standard Shipping4,49€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 19,00€)
Malaysia9-12 Days Standard ShippingFree Shipping
Netherlands8-11 Days Standard Shipping2,00€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 9,00€)
India7-14 Days Standard Shipping(Dependent on Address Pincode)
Singapore13-15 Days Standard ShippingFree Standard Shipping
Spain15-20 Days Standard Shipping3,90€ Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over 29,00€)
United Kingdom15-18 Days Standard Shipping£2 Standard Shipping
(Free for orders over £35)
United States10-15 Days Standard ShippingStandard is Free

Standard shipping is cheaper than Express and the delivery window averages between 2 to 3 weeks. Shein standard shipping is the option available in most regions, and in my case (Croatia) is the only one offered.

Unfortunately, the tracking updates are quite sporadic with the standard option so it is difficult to determine how close your item is to delivery.

It certainly shouldn’t be used by anyone looking to have their order fulfilled within a day.

Shein Economy Shipping vs Next-Day Delivery

It almost seems trite to compare an economy shipping option to next-day delivery.

Essentially, they are two very different things. If you do not mind waiting up to a month for your Shein order to arrive, you can choose the economy option.

While not available at all locations, it is free in the majority of them and is a method used by those that are in no rush for their items.

When Does Shein Offer free shipping?

shein next day delivery

On the subject of free shipping, when exactly does Shein offer this?

Again, Shein free shipping differs in availability depending on location. For example, in regions close to China such as Malaysia and Hong Kong, free shipping is available on the standard and express options, (respectively).

Shein deliveries in most regions are free once a certain order amount threshold is met.

In Australia, this is low at only AU$29. However, the only option is standard delivery which is no good for anyone looking for next-day delivery.

Standard shipping is free site-wide in the U.S. The same applies to Austria.

In my opinion, the Shein free shipping options are quite arbitrary, with order thresholds being applied to certain regions with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

That being said, the Shein website does list shipping costs based on region. To see what is available in your country we recommend that you head there.

Does Shein Offer Next-Day Delivery When the Order Arrives in the Destination Country?

While this will not be helpful for anyone looking for next-day delivery from the point of order, is it actually possible to receive your item within 24hrs after it has arrived in the destination country?

The answer is a direct no. 

Although third-party carriers are used by Shein once the shipment arrives in the destination country, none of these can offer next-day delivery.

Even when these services might offer next-day delivery to customers directly, (as DHL and FedEx clearly do), in partnership with Shein, this is not an option.

Essentially, a Shein shipment is handled with less urgency from the third-party carrier, with final delivery taking several days, even where the customs clearance process has been completed without delay.

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List of Shein Carriers

  • ColisExpat is used by Shein to ship within Ireland.
  • UK shipments are delivered by Yodel Services.
  • US orders use USPS for standard delivery (FedEx is used for Express Delivery).
  • Various carriers deliver in Australia
  • Canadian orders are delivered by DHL.
  • The Middle East is fulfilled by Aramex, Fetchr, and Naqel.

Final Words

As we have covered, no matter where you live, next-day delivery is not available with Shein. If speed is of the essence you will need to shop elsewhere.

Shein’s fastest shipping times are available in Asian countries such as Hong Kong where Express delivery can be as quick as 6 days.

Express shipping to Europe and North America will take up to two weeks on average. Essentially, that is as good as it gets.

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