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Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD

You’re expecting an international delivery and have received an “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what do you do if it is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD

The “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD” status alert means that a shipment order has been made and a tracking number assigned. However, the physical package has yet to be transferred to DPD. It is not yet inside the delivery network.

Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD – Guide

These days most carriers have a tracking update that alerts the customer that a shipment order has been made.

This is due to technology allowing eCommerce vendors as well as ordinary consumers to purchase shipping labels online, and other remote ways of making a shipment order.

However, although an order has been made with DPD at the time the update is triggered, the package is still with the sender.

In fact, the “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD” alert will remain until the sender has transferred the item over to DPD and it receives its first physical scan.

Tracking Stuck on the Update

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It is likely that you have reached this page because you have received the “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD” update and it has been stuck for several days.

This does not immediately mean that there has been an issue with the shipment.

Depending on the circumstances of the transfer to DPD this could be a scan conducted by a pickup driver, personnel at a drop-off center, or actually in the first facility the package arrives at.

Factor in that it might have taken 24 to 48 hrs after the shipment order was made for the sender to hand over the item to DPD and you could easily not receive a new update for several days.

That being said, delays and backlogs do obviously occur, and your package may well sit inside the vendor’s warehouse waiting to leave, or even end up in the DPD facility and join a queue of items waiting to be processed and scanned.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck?

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There are a number of proactive steps you can take if your tracking is stuck “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD”.

1. Contact the Sender

The first is to contact the sender to confirm that the package has been received by DPD and when this took place.

If it has been in the hands of the carrier for several days, and no new update has occurred you can then move on to step two.

2. Check the Number with a Universal Tracking App

Parcelsapp Universal Tracking

DPD is a budget carrier used by a number of eCommerce platforms (both in America, Europe, and China), due to the low costs of shipping.

The low-budget nature of these shipments means that you may not always see updates in the account dashboard or by using the DPD tracking page.

However, a universal tracking app can help here.

If you are not receiving any updates it is worth placing the number into a universal app to see if details actually exist for the number that is not being shown up elsewhere.

I have had a number of Shein orders that began life as a DPD shipment only for the tracking to stall.

Entering the tracking number into the likes of ParcelsApp or 17Track revealed that my package was in fact moving just as it should have been.

3. Contact DPD or a Relevant eCommerce Platform

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Finally, if you having no luck with the above steps and it really seems as if the package is stuck on this alert, you should contact DPD (or the customer services of the platform you ordered the item from).

DPD can be contacted here.

What Happens After the Update?

Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD

The alert you are hoping to see next is “Parcel Handed to DPD”. Simple and to the point, it rightly states what has happened to the package.

Another update you might receive is “In Transit”.

This means that the DPD has picked up the item from the sender and it is now on its way to the nearest sorting facility.

In the situation described above where the first scan occurs at the sorting facility, you will receive an At Parcel Delivery Centre” update.

All of these, essentially mean the same thing; the package is now inside the DPD delivery network and the shipment will begin its journey toward the destination address.

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