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DPD Tracking “At Parcel Delivery Centre”

You’re expecting an international delivery from DPD and have received an “At Parcel Delivery Centre” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? When will your package arrive and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: DPD “At Parcel Delivery Centre”

This update means that the package is at a local DPD parcel delivery center close to the destination address. The alert is often triggered after a delivery attempt has unsuccessfully been made. The item has been returned to the local facility and the recipient now has the opportunity to arrange for a new delivery time.

DPD “At Parcel Delivery Centre” – Guide

Essentially, the update means that the package is inside a delivery center close to the recipient’s address.

The most common reason for the alert to be triggered is after an unsuccessful delivery attempt.

The DPD driver either reached the address and no one was there to sign for it, access may have been compromised or the driver simply ran out of time during that working day.

The package is therefore returned back to the local DPD delivery center where it receives another scan. This triggers the “DPD “At Parcel Delivery Centre” update.

The reason this update is sent is to give the recipient the opportunity to organize a new delivery attempt.

This can be done online via the DPD website, or through the tracking screen where you will be provided with options for a new delivery time.

At Parcel Delivery Centre where is your package

Other Reasons For The DPD “At Parcel Delivery Centre” Update?

You might also have received this update if DPD is unable to actually initiate final delivery.

In other words, the package has reached the local delivery center close to the recipient, but an issue is preventing the item from going out for delivery.

There are two main reasons for this:

  • A problem with the shipment such as destination address details or it arriving at the incorrect delivery center;
  • A high volume of shipments means the parcel has yet to be allocated a truck for delivery

Either way, you should follow any prompts within your DPD account (or via the email/text message that has been sent to you).

If your address details have proved to be problematic, you may need to confirm them.

For any issue with the DPD delivery network, you will not need to take any action except waiting for the problem to be resolved.

Tracking Stuck on “At Parcel Delivery Centre”

At Parcel Delivery Centre

If your tracking remains on this update and it is unclear what the issue is, (or you are not given the opportunity to make arrangements for a new delivery time); you should contact DPD directly.

Being able to talk to a representative via the contact number or online chat will enable you to find out more, about the current situation.

What Happens After the “At Parcel Delivery Centre” Update?

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Retro Delivery Van (Digital Art by Me)

The fact that this update means the package is at a delivery center close to the recipient’s address, simply means that the next step is final delivery.

If there have been issues with the DPD delivery network, there may be a delay in that outcome. 

And in cases where a delivery attempt has been made but failed, you will need to make arrangements for a new delivery time.

Overall, the package is near delivery and the recipient should have it with them very soon.

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