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Parcelforce: Revised Customs Charges Raised

You’re expecting a delivery from Parcelforce and received a “Revised Customs Charges Raised” update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Revised Customs Charges Raised

The “Revised Customs charges raised” tracking update from Parcelforce means that the package has incurred custom tax and duties charges which have since been revised. The recipient will need to pay these charges before the item can be released from customs.

Revised Customs Charges Raised – Guide

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Incoming packages arriving in the U.K. are subject to customs clearance before they can be delivered to the recipient.

This happens upon entry to the U.K. at facilities such as Langley HWDC.

However, these charges are normally calculated using the details that the sender has provided customs form shipped with the package.

Based on this information where charges are due, the “Customs charges raised” will be triggered.

However, in situations where customs staff physically check the package and believe that the value information provided by the sender is wrong, a “Revised Customs Charges Raised” notice can occur.

In other words, customs will revise the amount of taxes and/or duties owed based on their inspection of the package.

Revised Customs Charges Raised

This can cause the charges to go up or down from the original charges that were raised.

Either way, Parcelforce will alert the recipient with a “Revised Customs charges raised” update, as well as an email, notice within the customer account, or letter with specific details of the charges.

If after you receive the details of the revised charges, you have an issue with it, you will have to contact the UK Border Force rather than Parcelforce. 

The letter you receive from Parcelforce will include the relevant contact details.

For further information, the HM Revenue and Customs team can be contacted at 0300 200 3700.

Tax and customs information can also be obtained here.

How to Pay the Revised Customs Charges?

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The update sent by Parcelforce will include all information on how to pay the charges owed.

The fact the payee details vary depending on the nature of the charges means that I cannot add more specific information here.

However, one universal aspect is the borderline daylight robbery of Parcelforce’s handling fee for any items flagged as charges raised.

At the time of writing this is a fee of £12.00 for parcels with contents less than £900 in value.

For any goods higher than this amount the handling fee is £25.00.

Remember, this is just the fee to Parcelforce. This does not include the taxes and duties levied by customs.

Tracking Stuck on “Revised Customs Charges Raised”

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If your tracking is stuck on this update even after you have paid the charges you will need to contact Parcelforce.

Although it states on the website that the “automated system will recognise when the charges have been paid and schedule the delivery for the following working day”, if the tracking remains stuck for more than 24hrs after payment, you have grounds for inquiries.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Revised Customs Charges Raised” means that the original charges levied by customs (based on the value information provided by the sender) have been changed.

Customs staff have taken a look at the contents of the parcel and have decided that the value is either higher or lower and now the charges are revised.

You will also need to pay a handling fee to Parcelforce. 

However, you can dispute the charges if you have sufficient evidence that an error has occurred, by contacting the UK Border Force directly.

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  1. They are such scamming sh#@s.. I was gutted to see my parcel had been transferred from DHL To PARCELFORCE and a link to their site. Parcelforce are such scamming sh$#s . Not used them in years coz they always come with fees and of course as soon as I click link it says my parcel had revised custom charges raised.. they are so in cahoots with Border patrol. I bought my items with discounts codes making them under the 135.. God knows what they want to charge me as far as I’m concerned they can go back to sender. I don’t need this. Sender can then claim their postage back for DHL giving it to parcel force


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