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Royal Mail: Parcelforce Tracking Status Advised

You’re expecting a delivery and have received a Parcelforce Tracking Status “Advised” update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Parcelforce Tracking Status Advised

The Parcelforce Tracking Status “Advised” update means that the package has yet to enter the Royal Mail delivery network, however, the sender has “advised” that the item will be sent. In other words, a tracking number has been assigned for the package but it has yet to be posted.

Parcelforce Tracking Status Advised – Guide

This update is triggered once a tracking number has been created for a Parcelforce shipment.

It means that the sender has created an order for the package to be sent via Parcelforce, and has advised Royal Mail that they will be sending it.

Where the sender has purchased a shipping label online the tracking number will be created.

The sender then prints the label and will need to post the item or where applicable, pick up can be arranged.


However, during all of this, the package has yet to enter the ParcelForce delivery network. It has yet to be received.

Essentially, Royal Mail has yet to scan the physical parcel.

The “Advised” alert will therefore be the update that you see until this has happened.

There will not be any more updates until Parcelforce has the package in order to scan it.

Package Stuck on Parcelforce Tracking Status “Advised”

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A problem can occur when the tracking seems stuck on this update.

For the recipient, it is natural to think that maybe the sender is causing the delay.

They have made the shipment order, and “Advised” Royal Mail that the package is to be sent, but have yet to manage to hand it over for delivery.

The sender can end up getting frustrated too. In situations where they have clearly passed on the package to Parcelforce and no new updates are showing, there is concern that the item has somehow gone missing.

There is also the issue that the sender will be aware that the receiver might be getting impatient.

Reasons the Package is Stuck

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There are two main factors that cause a parcel to be stuck on the “Advised” update.

Sender delay

The truth is, if the sender does not arrange for Parcelforce to have the package in a timely manner, the tracking will be stuck on this update.

The situation will remain the same until Parcelforce has the item in order to scan it.

Parcelforce Delay


The other reason is simply that Parcelforce has encountered a problem that is causing the delay.

They do in fact have the package but it has not been scanned into the delivery network.

Everything from increased parcel volumes, technical and staffing issues, and even traffic delays can prevent that first scan.

Until the new update is triggered, your tracking will remain stuck.

So What Should I Do?

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As the recipient, your first step should be to contact the sender to confirm when the item was handed over to Parcelforce.

If there was a delay in this process, that will be the reason why you have seen the Parcelforce Tracking Status “Advised” update for so long with no new alerts.

If Parcelforce does in fact have the item, you will need to contact customer services.

The sender may wish to do this, as it was them that made the order. However, the recipient is more than within their right to make inquiries too.

What Happens After a Parcelforce Tracking Status “Advised” Update?

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Once the item has been scanned into the delivery network you receive an update along the lines of Parcelforce Tracking “In Progress”.

This essentially means that the item is now inside the delivery infrastructure and is on its way. 

The current location will be a local Parcelforce sorting facility. The next step after this will be transit toward the destination region.

Final Words

Overall, this update is used to inform customers that Parcelforce is aware a shipment order has been made.

The package has yet to be handed over to Parcelforce for its first physical scan, but a tracking number has been assigned.

As long as Parcelforce receives the item in a timely manner, it will be scanned and begin shipment properly within 24hrs.

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