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Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday? (2023 GUIDE)

Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday? Yes indeed, FedEx does deliver on Saturdays. In fact, one of FedEx’s services delivers on Saturdays at no extra cost.

Let’s take a look.

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SUMMARY: FedEx Saturday Delivery

  • FedEx Home Delivery works 7 days a week and delivers on Saturdays at no extra cost
  • FedEx Saturday pickup and delivery times are between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • FedEx Express delivers on Saturdays (With an additional fee of US$16 per parcel)
  • FedEx Priority Overnight delivers on Saturdays by 1:30 pm with extra charges.

Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday?

fedex ground

FedEx Home Delivery is the masterstroke here for those looking for cost-effective Saturday (and Sunday) deliveries.

It is no secret that the addition of weekend services through its FedEx Ground service is the company’s attempt to fend off the competition.

Amazon & Walmart have been growing their delivery infrastructure in recent years, offering next-day and weekend deliveries to online shoppers. The customer appetite for this has been huge.

To keep up, FedEx (and the likes of USPS & UPS) have had to adapt. FedEx Home Delivery, 7 days a week at no extra cost is the result of that.

Which FedEx Services Offer Saturday Delivery?

FedEx Saturday Delivery

So we’ve established that FedEx Home Delivery is the main service on offer for Saturday deliveries.

However, what other FedEx services offer Saturday delivery?

FedEx Priority

FedEx Priority can be used to fulfill a Saturday delivery. The service guarantees overnight delivery between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm on Saturdays in much of the US, (you should check if you are sending to a remote rural area).

FedEx Express Services

Customers using FedEx Express can leverage Saturday delivery as well as Saturday pick-up. Extra fees do apply, however.

FedEx 2-Day Delivery

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To leverage Saturday delivery on FedEx 2 Day, you will have to post your parcel on a Thursday, (or use FedEx Delivery Manager to request a delivery date on a Saturday)

FedEx 2-Day Delivery will ensure delivery by 4:30 pm on Saturdays to most of the U.S.

FedEx Same Day

If you have an urgent delivery you can choose to use FedEx Same Day. This is open for parcels posted on a Saturday, for same-day delivery. This is a premium service, however, with a cost to match.

FedEx International

Customers using FedEx International can request that delivery be made on a Saturday. Extra fees apply, however.

FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight offers Saturday delivery and pick-up with a substantial surcharge.

How to Ensure FedEx Delivery is Made on a Saturday

Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday

Guarantees that your delivery will be made on a Saturday will vary.

Clearly, with any FedEx same-day or next-day service, it is simple enough, the package has to be posted on a Friday or Saturday.

However, with FedEx Home Delivery it is more difficult to guarantee a Saturday delivery. Depending on when the item is posted, it might arrive on Friday, it could be Sunday.

If the recipient is signed up to FedEx Delivery Manager they can have some control over the arrival day.

How to Use FedEx Services on a Saturday


So far we have looked at how you can aim to have a FedEx delivery made on a Saturday.

However, what if you actually want to use the services on a Saturday, i.e post your package?

This can be done quite easily. There are three ways you can start a shipment with FedEx on a Saturday.

Visit Your Nearest FedEx Location

FedEx locations are staffed and open on Saturdays. (Head here to find your nearest facility).

This means that you can create an order from scratch or drop off a package you have already prepared. Either way, the staff will be there to help.

Visit a FedEx Express Dropbox

If you have created and paid for your order online, and have the package ready, you can simply visit a FedEx Dropbox and slot your parcel inside.

Head to the FedEx drop-off locator to find your nearest Dropbox.

Organize a FedEx Pickup

The FedEx pickup service operates on a Saturday for a variable fee. You can use this to have your package picked up for delivery.

A pickup can be scheduled over the phone or via the website.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver on Saturday?

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As we have covered, the time of delivery on a Saturday depends on the FedEx service you have used.

The standard FedEx Saturday delivery hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, and a FedEx Home Delivery will fall within that time window.

However, services such as FedEx Priority and 2 Day have a 4:30 pm cut-off on a Saturday.

Therefore, how late FedEx will deliver on a Saturday varies. Home Delivery & Ground will deliver as late as 8 pm.

Other, expedited services will deliver before 4:40 pm. And FedEx Priority Overnight will guarantee Saturday delivery by 1:30 pm.

Does FedEx Saturday Delivery Cost More?


As we have said, FedEx Home Delivery will cost nothing extra for a Saturday delivery. Other FedEx services do charge more for Saturday delivery, however.

  • FedEx Express – delivers on Saturdays (a fee of $16 per parcel applies).
  • FedEx First Overnight – offers Saturday pickup with extra charges.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight – offers Saturday delivery by 1:30 pm with extra charges.
  • FedEx Same-Day City – offers weekend delivery (a fee of $40 applies).
  • FedEx International – offers Saturday delivery for $16 per shipment.
  • FedEx Freight – charges US$210 per package for both pickup and delivery.

Final Words

Essentially, there is a wide range of FedEx Saturday delivery options available. To keep the costs down you should opt for FedEx Home Delivery.

If you need to guarantee a Saturday delivery or time is of the essence, the many expedited services that FedEx offers will get your package to its destination on a Saturday. The costs can add up, however.

For anyone looking to create a FedEx order and post an item on a Saturday, there are options available too.

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