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Does USPS Deliver on Saturday [2022 Complete Guide]

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday in 2022?

The answer is yes.

USPS delivery drivers operate under normal business hours on a Saturday.

If you are expecting mail or a package on a Saturday and it is ready for final delivery, you will receive your item.

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SUMMARY: Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

  • Yes, USPS delivers on Saturdays
  • Most USPS mail items will arrive by 2 PM on Saturdays. Seasonal disruptions mean items can arrive as late as 6:30 PM
  • Post Office opening hours are reduced on Saturdays
  • USPS does not charge extra to deliver on Saturdays
  • To gurantee a Saturday delivery you will need to use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

does usps deliver on saturday

USPS delivers on Saturdays with drivers scheduled to work up until 5 PM in order to finish their rounds.

Depending on your location along the delivery route, you will receive your USPS mail or package up until that 5 PM cut-off point.

This can be extended to 6:30 PM during seasonal or other times of disruption.

Essentially, USPS treats Saturday deliveries as any normal business day and follows the same process from Monday to Saturday.

Does USPS Saturday Delivery Cost Extra?


First Class Mail & USPS Retail Ground

Both First Class Mail and USPS Retail Ground do not cost extra to be delivered on Saturdays.

However, you cannot obtain any guarantees that the item will be delivered on a specific day.

Essentially, you cannot arrange with USPS that these classes of mail or packages be delivered on Saturday. You can only time your shipment in the hope that it will.

First-class mail is a 1 to 3 business days service, which means that you would need to post the mail item on Wednesday or Thursday if you wanted it to be delivered before, or on Saturday.

USPS Ground Retail is a 2 to 8-business-day service which means it is difficult to time delivery for a Saturday.

If the mail item is not “out for delivery” on a Saturday. It will be delivered during the following week instead. 

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express

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To “guarantee” a Saturday delivery you need to use a USPS service that offers guaranteed delivery schedules.

Both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express do this.

By opting to use one of these services you can guarantee that your mail item is delivered within 1 to 3 days (Priority Mail) and 1 to 2 ( Priority Mail Express).

You can also add overnight delivery to Priority Mail Express. (This service is also the only true USPS option for Sunday deliveries.)

Priority Mail Express’s next-day delivery charges start at $26.95 in 2022. In other words, it isn’t cheap.

However, these Priority services do make it possible to guarantee your delivery on or before Saturday.

USPS Saturday Business Hours

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday

As mentioned above, USPS Saturday business opening hours do vary across post offices, so you should check online for more details on this.

It is also important to know your local post office’s Saturday working hours if you have a P.O Box. You might not be able to access it once the post office is closed.

USPS Saturday delivery times follow similar principles to Monday to Friday.

Priority Services will likely deliver by 10:30 AM. Other packages should arrive by 2 PM with 5 PM being the latest.

During times of seasonal disruptions, backlog, or weather issues, USPS may deliver as late as 6:30 PM on a Saturday.  

The blue USPS collection box receptacles that you may have seen, have pickup times printed on the unit.

Can I Schedule USPS Deliveries to Happen on Saturday?

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You cannot schedule a Saturday delivery for any USPS service.

As mentioned above, the best you can do is time your delivery so that it might deliver on Saturday.

You can also use a guaranteed service where the days for delivery will ensure that it arrives by Saturday, if not before.

Can I Pick Up My Package from the Post Office on a Saturday?

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Yes. of course you can ask the post office to hold your package and then pick it up yourself on a Saturday.

However, ensure that you check the Saturday opening hours of your local post office first.

Changes to USPS Saturday Delivery in 2022

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In 2021, USPS unveiled a 10-year cost-reducing plan.

This means that hours of operation may be affected across the USPS network of stores and services.

This article contains all the latest information for 2022, however, it should be noted that these can change. We will update accordingly, however.

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