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Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? A Complete Guide

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? The answer is yes. Amazon started rolling out its Sunday delivery via USPS to selected cities back in November 2013.

Almost a decade later, MOST of the US is now covered and Amazon customers can enjoy Sunday deliveries on the majority of orders.

However, there are some exceptions. In this guide, we will look at how, where, and what times Amazon delivers on Sundays.

Let’s take a look.

Yes, Amazon Delivers on Sundays: But Not Everywhere

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday

To understand why Amazon Sunday deliveries do not occur everywhere, it is useful to look at how Amazon uses United States Postal Services (USPS) for “last mile” delivery.

Amazon has a contractual arrangement with USPS for the latter to complete deliveries for them even on Sundays. For many years it has been a USPS driver arriving at your doorstep with the package on a Sunday.

(This is changing as Amazon has invested heavily into its own delivery network. Eventually, the Amazon/USPS relationship will end it seems.)

Most urban and suburban areas in the United States are fully covered for Sunday delivery, however, if you live in a rural community this might not be the case.

It will be reliant on the logistics USPS has in your region for Sunday delivery, and the capacity to successfully cover remote areas on the weekend.

How Do I Know If My Order is Eligible for Amazon Sunday Delivery?

The good news is that it is very easy to see your order eligibility for Amazon Sunday Delivery.

You can find out all you need to know via your Amazon shopping cart.

Simply select the items you are planning to buy, go through the initial stages of the order process and when you reach “Review Items and Shipping” you will find all the details you need regarding Sunday delivery prospects.

Amazon Order Shipping Options

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday
Example of an Amazon order where Sunday Delivery was NOT available

Within this section, you have access to your delivery timeline and what options are available.

The estimated delivery date will be highlighted in green. If this date is a Sunday, you have your answer.

Below this, there will be options to select your delivery date in line with a particular delivery window. Again, if you are able to choose Sunday delivery it is clear that this is available to you.

The day and order type will impact this, however. For example, if you have chosen a Prime Next Day delivery on a Monday, the following Sunday will not be open to you as Amazon aims to deliver within a much faster timeline. Sunday is too far away.

Essentially, if Sunday delivery is open to you it will either be listed as an estimated delivery date, be part of the delivery window, or be available as a specific option for you to click.

Can I Specify Amazon Sunday Delivery?

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday

Yes, Amazon customers can specify Sunday delivery as long as it is an option within your item delivery window. 

As mentioned above, the day you made the order plus the shipping speed will all impact whether you can click to choose Sunday as the delivery day. In the example screenshot above, this is clearly an available option.

Does the Type of Product Impact Sunday Delivery Options?

Generally, no. The type of product you order will not impact your Amazon Sunday delivery options.

Exceptions exist in the case of large goods (refrigerators, washing machines, etc) and machinery that requires specialized delivery arrangements. This will all be made known during the ordering process, however.

Stock levels and availability will have more of an impact on your Sunday delivery, (or any day of delivery for that matter).

If the Amazon warehouse nearest to you is out of stock of an item, or the item needs to be shipped from another region it could mean the item will not reach you in time to be delivered on a Sunday.

There are also 3rd party deliveries (i.e not sourced from an Amazon fulfillment center) where stock levels and/or location can have an impact.

That being said, the delivery window options described above will highlight this when you make the order.

Do Amazon Sunday Deliveries Cost More?

No, Amazon customers do not pay extra for Sunday delivery.  

Furthermore, Sunday delivery is available to every Amazon customer, with or without Prime Membership.

Is Sunday Delivery Free with Prime?

Sunday delivery for Prime Members is treated exactly the same as any other delivery. Regardless of the day, free shipping and expedited shipping are all part of the Prime membership at no extra cost.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on a Sunday?

Amazon delivery times on a Sunday depending on a number of factors. The working hours that apply for a Sunday are between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time.

However, the time that the driver arrives at your door will depend on where your address is on the route, the volume of packages to be delivered, and the number of drivers servicing your area.

Drivers do prefer to get out early and finish their round as soon as possible, so in many cases, you will receive your package during the first half of the Amazon delivery hours stated above).

Sunday Delivery to Amazon Lockers

Sunday delivery to Amazon lockers is widely available in line with the exceptions we have listed so far.

In fact, if you live in a remote area where Sunday delivery is unavailable, a locker could well be your answer.

However, you do have the added inconvenience of needing to reach the locker to pick up your package.

Can I Track My Amazon Sunday Delivery?

Yes, Amazon Sunday delivery provides access to the same tracking data and information as you would get from any other delivery. Sunday packages are not treated any differently.

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