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What Does “Item Bagged” Mean? Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery and have received an “Item Bagged” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what do you do if it is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Item Bagged Meaning

The “Item Bagged” tracking update means that the shipment is at the post office or facility and has been bagged into a dispatch bag for transit. It is an alert normally used by India Post.

Item Bagged Meaning – Guide

The “Item Bagged” tracking update can be taken quite literally.

The package is inside the delivery network of India Post (or whichever carrier is using this alert) and has arrived at the post office or sorting facility.

Once there, it has been sorted and placed into the relevant dispatch bag in preparation for the next leg of transit.

Where is your package when you receive this update?

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Essentially, the package is in a sort facility of some kind when the update is triggered. 

This could be at the beginning of the shipment journey when the package first arrives at the post office/facility and is sorted for the first leg of the journey toward the destination location.

The package is bagged for transit, and the “Item Bagged” alert is triggered.

However, the package could also be at a facility along the route toward the destination, or at the post office local to the recipient’s address.

Wherever the parcel is sorted and loaded into a bag for transit, the “Item Bagged” update can be sent.

Tracking Stuck on “Item Bagged”

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It is possible that your package can be bagged, loaded onto the mode of transport for the next stage of the journey, and then not receive another scan for several days.

Examples include any item bagging for international transit, or simply delays in domestic transit.

If the mode of transport is held up for any reason, (weather, technical problems, traffic delays), the item will remain inside the bag until the next facility is reached.

It is important to let the shipment run its course, and also give enough time that is appropriate for the level of service used before you contact the carrier.

If yours is an Indian Post shipment, you can contact its customer services here.

What Happens After an “Item Bagged” Update?

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What happens next, clearly depends on where your package actually is in the shipment journey.

The most positive scenario is that the item has been bagged inside the post office local to the destination address.

In this case, the next step is “Your article has been dispatched for delivery” before finally being out for delivery to the recipient.

In other situations, your parcel will be dispatched to the next facility along the delivery chain.

Final Words

Overall, the “Item Bagged” update (most commonly used by India Post), means that the package has been bagged in preparation for dispatch.

Where the item is in terms of locality, really depends on how far the shipment has progressed so far.

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