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Carrier Guide: Does Yodel Take Photos of Delivery?

You’re expecting a package from Yodel and you have received a notification that delivery has been made.

Only, there is no one at the address to receive it.

Will the Yodel driver take photos to prove the delivery? What happens if you get home and no package can be found?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Does Yodel Take Photos of Delivery?

It is not Yodel’s policy for photos to be taken of the delivery as a form of proof. However, some drivers will take photographs using their phone camera if they feel the need to provide extra guidance/evidence of where the package has been left.

Does Yodel Take Photos of Delivery? Guide

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As it is not Yodel policy for every delivery to be photographed if it cannot be received by an actual person at the destination address, recipients should not expect image evidence of the delivery.

However, drivers can take photographs at their discretion.

In fact, at my parents’ home address in the East of England, they are on first-name terms with the Yodel driver that very often services their area.

This driver has my parent’s phone number and on occasions that they are not in to collect a package, the driver will leave it on the back doorstep and take a quick photo.

This will then be sent to my mother’s or father’s number as evidence that the package has been dropped off.

Admittedly this is at a rural address, however, if you see the same Yodel driver around, there is no reason you couldn’t arrange something similar, (assuming you don’t mind giving out your phone number).

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A less personal approach is receiving image proof via your Yodel account.

There is not a default option for this, however, you may be able to request such evidence if you were to contact Yodel customer services before delivery is attempted.

Finally, it should be noted that Yodel will not leave a package in a situation where a signature is required unless said signature can be taken.

A photo will not suffice as evidence; Yodel understandably doesn’t want to make itself liable by leaving a package unattended.

In this situation, you can expect a Yodel Calling Card in place of any potential photograph.

Yodel Calling Cards

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When a delivery cannot be made, the Yodel driver should leave a calling card, (I say should as this doesn’t always happen).

There are two different cards, (think of them as attempted delivery notes):

Green Yodel Calling Card

here you will need to text or call the driver on their mobile number using the details provided on the back of the card.

Yodel Calling Card Green

Orange Yodel Calling Card

When this card is left behind, you will need to head to the Yodel tracking page to rearrange delivery or collect your parcel from a local Yodel center.

Yodel Calling Card orange

Final Words

Essentially, Yodel drivers do not take photographs of delivery as standard procedure. If you are friendly with your local driver, you may be able to set up some informal arrangement where they will do this for you.

You could also attempt to request that a photograph be taken by contacting Yodel direct.

In any case, where a signature is required, Yodel will not leave the package at the delivery address without taking one.

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