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What Does “Arrived at Destination Hub” Mean? (Tracking Guide)

You’ve ordered an item from overseas and you have received an “Arrived at Destination Hub” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrived at Destination Hub

The “Arrived at Destination Hub” tracking alert means that the shipment has arrived in the destination country and is inside the international sorting hub of the receiving carrier or postal service. For shipments to the USA, this is normally a USPS International Service Center (ISC).

Arrived at Destination Hub – Guide

ISC New York NY (USPS)
ISC New York NY (USPS)

An “Arrived at Destination Hub” status alert is a positive update to receive. It means that the shipment has arrived in the destination country. 

The line haul carrier has handed over the bulk cross-border shipment to the local carrier and it is now inside the main international sorting hub at the point of import.

If USPS is a receiving carrier this would be an ISC or an International Distribution Center. For imports into Europe (ordered from AliExpress), this would be the international sorting hub at Liege airport.

The Royal Mail has similar hubs in the U.K as do the local postal services of most countries around the world.

Importantly, when a package has “Arrived at a Destination Hub”, it will be subject to customs clearance. This is the entry point into the destination country after all.

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How Long Will My Tracking State “Arrived at Destination Hub”?

Whatever the circumstances, customs clearance can take time. Both USPS ISCs and Liege Linehaul have had their fair share of complaints when it comes to packaging import delays.

A big hold-up can be the process of arriving at the destination hub and then waiting to be processed for clearance.

During this time you will receive no further updates, which can lead to frustration.

However, back to the question in hand; how long can you expect to see the “Arrived at Destination Hub” update before a further alert is sent your way?

For most carriers, the next update will be to state the fact the shipment has been handed over to customs.

There are many variations of this alert, including “Send Item to Customs“, “Item Presented to Import Customs” and, “Inbound into Customs“.

If the unloading of the bulk shipment and handover for clearance goes smoothly, your package could be in the hands of customs staff within hours of receiving the “Arrived at Destination Hub” alert. 24 to 48hrs would be reasonable.

However, in some cases (especially inside hubs where package volumes and backlogs are causing large delays), you could wait several days and more before your package enters the clearance process.

What to do if Your Tracking is Stuck on “Arrived at Destination Hub”?

Arrived at Destination Hub

If your package tracking is stuck on the “Arrived at Destination Hub” for more than a week you should start making inquiries. 

The fact no further updates have been triggered means that it is likely still with the receiving carrier and that is the service you will need to contact. (The tracking details should contain information on the receiving carrier).

If USPS is currently responsible for your package you can contact their international inquiries hotline.

The main carriers, (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc) will also have dedicated customer support for international shipments, as will any applicable local postal service.

Make contact, cite the tracking details and destination address and the representative should be able to help locate your package.

Buyer Protection Periods

AliExpress buyer protection

You may have reached this page because your tracking is stuck and it is an order from an eCommerce platform such as AliExpress.

If this is the case, you will need to keep an eye on your buyer protection period. Most platforms will have one, (AliExpress offers 60 days).

In short, the protection period covers you in case the package never arrives.

It starts from the moment you made the order, and it could be that your package has already been in transit for several weeks.

It is important that you are fully aware of how long you are covered so that you can raise a dispute if the item doesn’t arrive.

What Happens After the “Arrived at Destination Hub” Status Alert?

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As mentioned, the next step is customs processing, followed by dispatch from the destination hub, to a regional hub closer to the location of the recipient.

From here the package will be sent to the local post office close to the destination address, ready for delivery.

If a carrier service is responsible for delivery, the shipment will travel to a local hub and be loaded onto the truck for final delivery.

Similar Updates to “Arrived at Destination Hub”

Different carriers use varying alerts to describe the fact a shipment has arrived at a destination hub. Examples include: “Arrived at Airport of Destination“, “Processed Through Facility ISC Miami FL (USPS)“, and “Arrived at Destination Country“.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Arrived at Destination Hub” status alert is good news. The package has finally made it to the destination country.

However, with customs clearance on the horizon, there is still room for delay.

With any luck, your shipment will be processed in a day or two and will be with the carrier or postal service for final delivery in no time.

If the package ends up stuck, you will have no choice but to contact the customer services of the receiving carrier service and where applicable the platform and seller you ordered from.

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